Cobequid  Salmon  Association

Annual General Meeting - April 20, 2010

Room 112, Haley Institute, NSAC



Call to Order - President Bob Gunderson welcomed members and directors to the GMA.

President’s Report – Bob reviewed the activities of the CSA for the past year. For details see The President’s Report in the CSA Newsletter, March 2010. Bob stressed the need to look for new funding sources such as Shell Oil Fund and scholarships for graduate students. He thanked the Directors and staff of CSA for their continued interest and support.

Agenda - On a motion (Huggard/McMahon) the circulated agenda was approved.


Minutes of 2009 AGM

On motion (Johnson/Densmore) the minutes were approved as circulated


Restoration Report

Dick Huggard reported on work completed on the Little River during the summer of 2009. Four new digger logs were installed, 3 deflectors were placed and 385 yards of stream bank stabilization were placed. Numerous trees were planted. An application was made to Adopt-A-Stream program and $17,700 was approved, including the in-kind support. The Habitat Renewal Fund contributed $23,000 and Colchester County provided a grant of $2000. Over $40,000 was spent on restoration activities. Thanks was expressed to Wayne Forbes for his commendable work for CSA and to the local land owners who were very cooperative

Plans for 2010/2011

Emphasis to be placed on developing an integrated watershed plan for the Stewiacke and other Rivers. These plans are required to support the need for future work and to establish priorities for specific projects. Restoration work will continue this summer with a start-up in June. Another River Walk is planned for Directors and the public


none presented

Nominating Committee

Dick Huggard (Chair) presented the new list of Executive and Directors for 2010/2011

Treasurer's Report

CSA Annual Dinner


New Business

Scott Langille reported on an Adopt-A-Stream workshop last weekend. The NSLC is investing money raised in its store campaign into clean water projects. The NSLC Eco products price includes a portion for this fund. Perhaps CSA can get some display space in local stores to promote CSA and the restoration work being done. Scott suggested we develop some good posters for this purpose and they could also be used for other displays. Agreed by Directors.


Bill McCurdy reminded Directors to make sure membership cards are completed completely – full mailing address, etc.


Jack Johnson reported that some of the banners have gone missing. Directors agreed that these should be redone before the NSPE booth is set up.


Dick Huggard reported that there are two fish tanks in schools under the Fish Friends program. Both are doing well at the Stewiacke and Brookfield schools. A presentation will be arranged for the next Directors meeting – May 11.


Adjournment – moved by ?