Cobequid  Salmon  Association

Annual General Meeting - June 11, 2013


Cox Institute, Agricultural Campus, Dalhousie University


Chairperson - Bill Yarn

Members - Gary McMahon, Don Mattinson, Scott Langille, Wayne Forbes, Mathew Kelly, James Kelly, Nick Pettipas, Jamie Caddick, Michael Kittilson, David Bauld, Robert Gunderson, Doug Byers

Call to Order - President Bill Yarn welcomed members and directors to the AGM.

Special Speaker - Chairman Yarn introduced the special speaker for the AGM, Helene Van Donick, DVM - the founder of the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Brookfield, NS. She presented the meeting with background information on the Centre, and the work done to rehabilitate injured wildlife. She focused particularly on the amount of lead poisoning found in birds and animals. Up to 30 per cent of eagles brought to the Centre have lead poisoning and there is a high incidence in loons. A North American study indicates 25 per cent of eagles recovered have ingested lead. Lead in ammunition and lead fishing gear are the main sources. In this area gut piles from deer and small animal carcasses left in the field are a major source for birds. Lead fragments in wild animal meat is a problem for humans if particles of lead are ingested. The metal stays in the body for life and it is slowly released over time with immediate and cumulative effects. Recommendations include the use of copper bullets and shot for hunting and using non-lead weights for fishing gear. In recognition of her interesting and timely presentation, Dr Van Donick was presented with a CSA hat and the Chair noted the previous $150 donation made by CSA to the CWRC.

Dr Van Donick E-Mail address -

President’s Report – Bill Yarn reviewed the activities of the CSA for the past year. For details see The President’s Report in the CSA Newsletter, March 2013. He thanked the Directors and staff of CSA for their continued interest and support through work on CSA committees and activities. Special thanks were extended to Treasurer Dave Bauld and Secretary Doug Byers. He indicated that the work of CSA does not go unnoticed – a recent example is the interest of the TV show, Land and Sea. Producers would like to do a show on river restoration and the Stewiacke work may be featured.

Agenda - The proposed agenda was circulated and approved (Caddick/Gunderson).

Little River Restoration Project Report - Wayne Forbes reported on the work during the 2012 season. Due to the flooding last year several areas had to have repair work done on structures installed previously. New structures were installed in upper Brookfield stretch. There has been considerable erosion and the main channel has shifted resulting in a lot of silt movement. A lot of expensive work is needed by many agencies to restore the damaged areas. Future work is expected to done up stream in the Brentwood area. Wayne stated that all the applications for funding in 2013 had been approved; as follows:

Adopt-A-Stream $20,000

H S P $35,000

Salmon Conservation Fund $7,500

NS Youth Conservation Corp $7,500

Total $70,000

Fish Friends - Scott Langille presented highlights of 2013 activities which involved participation by four schools – Bible Hill Central, Redcliff, Brookfield and the CEC. See report attached to official minutes.

Fisherama - Scott presented a report on the 2013 event – May 18 at the Kiwanis Park on Juniper St. This was the 27th annual event and despite the cold weather, it attracted 207 children along with parents. For details see Scott’s report attached to official minutes.

Shad Derby – The Chair reported on the Derby held May 25, 2013. Despite the worst of weather for the event twenty six people turned out. A five pound shad was the winner. Bill thanked Don Mattinson and Robert Matheson for their help on the day of the Derby.

Salmon Wars Video - the Chair reported on the success of the Video prepared by Donald Cameron and Henry Hicks. CSA contributed $5000 toward the video production and the finished documentary was shown in many communities, including a showing by CSA in Truro.

Reception to the video on all occasions has been good.

CSA Dinner - Dave Bauld reported on a very successful dinner held in April 2013. About 250 people attended the popular event. Arctic Char was served this year and it proved to be a popular choice. Business donations were generous again this year both for products and cash donations. The total net return to CSA should be $13-14,000; this about on par with other years despite the reduced $30 ticket price. David thanked the Committee for its work in preparing and setting up the Dinner facilities.

Education/Awareness - The Chair reviewed the major activities by CSA in the past year including: NSPE Exhibition Booth, Earth Day and NSLC displays, River Walk, Web site and the CSA Newsletter.

Home Hardware Project - CSA won a contract with Home Hardware for the Clean-up of the Galloping Brook as part of environmental requirements for the expansion of the HH Distribution Facility in Debert. DFO has completed an inspection and approved the work completed. Additional work will be completed as required. The project has cost CSA about $7,000 so far

Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer, David Bauld, provided financial statements for 2011 and 2012. (See attached to official minutes.) By motion (Bauld/Langille) the Treasurers Report was accepted as presented…..passed.

Nominating Committee – Dick Huggard and Jack Johnson met as a nominating committee for the 2013/14 CSA Executive and Board of Directors. In their absence the Chair presented their report and proposed nominees:

President Bill Yarn

Past Pres Robert Gunderson

Vice Pres Scott Langille

Secretary Doug Byers

Treasurer Dave Bauld

Membership Bill McCurdy

Directors: Jami Caddick, Wayne Forbes, Steve Gloade, Linda Gorley, Dick Huggard, Mike Kittilson, James Kelly, Mathew Kelly, Robert Matheson, Don Mattinson, Paul MacIsaac, Gary McMahon, Katherine Mott, Nick Pettipas, Vince Pye, Gary Robar.

There being no further nominations (Called three times) the above were declared the CSA Board for 2013/14…….By motion (Yarn/Mattinson) and carried.

Retiring Directors are: Jack Johnson, Nelson Rogers and Carl Purcell

It was agreed the Chair should send a letter of thanks and good wishes to the retiring Directors for their many contributions to CSA during their terms.

New Business : Exploratory Committee - Scott Langille suggested that CSA appoint a committee to examine the possibilities, costs, etc. of developing a video on the life cycle of fish in the Fundy Rivers and also the influence of the river environment on fish at various stages of their life. Scott indicated that Paul MacIsaac and College staff may provide considerable material and help for such a video. Scott requested CSA appoint a committee of volunteers from the Board to examine details for such a video and report to the Board with a proposal. It was agreed.

Resolutions - none presented.

Adjournment - by motion of Caddick and Pettipas