Annual General Meeting

June 14th, 2016, 7: 00 P.M. Room 200 ,
Cox Institute, Agr. Campus, Dalhousie Univ.


Chairperson - Bill Yarn

Members - Gary McMahon, Don Mattinson, James Kelly, Sana Cavanagh, David Bauld, Paul MacIsaac, Michael McAdam, Brian Allan, Chris Nelson, Doug Byers

Visitors - nil

Call to Order - President Bill Yarn welcomed members and Guests to the 2016 AGM.

President’s Report – Bill Yarn briefly reviewed the activities of the CSA for the past year. For details see The President’s Report in the CSA Newsletter, Spring 2016 edition. He thanked the Directors for their continued interest and support through work on CSA committees and activities. He gave special thanks to Wayne Forbes and his crew for another successful year of restoration work on the River. Thanks were extended to Treasurer Dave Bauld and Secretary Doug Byers for their contributions to the CSA operations in 2015-16.

Agenda - The proposed agenda was circulated and approved (MacIsaac/Kelly).

Special Speaker - The Chair introduced the special speakers for the meeting, Rob Turner and Bob Rutherford, representing Alton Gas. They presented a brief history of Alton Gas and the local sister company, Heritage Gas, responsible for local natural gas distribution. Recently the national company has invested heavily ($100 m.) in gas storage, with a local site being developed in salt caverns in the Brentwood/Stewiacke area. Salt deposits are located 800 to 1100 metres in the earth, and river water is used to flush out the salt to create 80 X 80 metres cavern. Environmental assessments and preliminary site construction have been ongoing for some time. The project is now on “pause”, although all environmental and other requirements have been met. The project is expected to resume again this summer with about 70 jobs created this year. First step is to construct a 14 km pipeline from the storage site to the main gas line; then the storage site facilities will be completed.

Bob Burgess was encouraged by NSSA to represent the interests of the Salmon stock in the River and he has worked off and on with Alton Gas since 2006, to ensure a minimum environmental impact on fish stock. (Copy of the slide presentation is on file.)

Questions: Number of caverns - approval for 24, but start with 3

Species affected - mainly striped bass

Process well proven - used successfully by other companies, but a first time for Alton Gas

Size of the salt reserve - 20 kms X 3 kms

Quality of the salt - referred to as ancient sea salt, more pure than regular sea salt.

Who owns the salt - as a mineral it is owned by the Province but at at 160-170 parts per 1000 it is expensive to extract.

Time to create a cavern – 24 - 36 months

Maximum concentration of salt in the River - 24 parts per 1000 is the limit for bass eggs.

The Chair thanked Rob and Bob for a very informative presentation. They were presented with CSA mementos of their visit.

Activity Reports

Fish Friends - Paul MacIsaac provided highlights of 2016 activities which involved participation by four schools – Bible Hill Central, Redcliff, Brookfield and the CEC. The MCG also participated successfully in the program this year. There was good media coverage of the FF activities by CSA in both the Hub and Daily News. There is interest by Ecole Acadian for next year if another tank can be sponsored.

Fisherama - James Kelly reported that all went well this year with 325 children reregistered. There was good media coverage. Big Brother/Sister organization participated again this year and this is a very successful partnership. James thanked all the Directors that helped out and noted the security was good this year. The Chair drew tickets for the prizes awarded by CSA. The main prize of a bicycle was awarded to Noah Clark of Halifax. Other winners received rod and reel sets.

Shad Derby – The Chair reported on a successful Derby held in May. Twenty-four anglers attended - which was down from previous years, due in part from competition from another Derby held the same day. Yarn recommended that the CSA Derby be held earlier. The First and second prize winner was Linda Addy. Top weight was 3.2 pounds which was lighter than previous events. Once again The Cobequid Raptor Rehabilitation Centre in Brookfield received the excess fish – to be used as raptor feed.

CSA Dinner - Dave Bauld reported on a very successful dinner held in April. Two hundred twenty four tickets were sold and total revenue was about $29,000. See complete financial report of the Dinner. The financial contribution of $6000 from Scotiabank was acknowledged. Bauld thanked the Committee for its work in preparing and setting up the Dinner facilities.

Education/Awareness - The Chair reviewed the major activities by CSA in the past year including: NSPE Exhibition Booth, CSA video, Web site and the CSA Newsletter. Mike McAdam reported on the Newsletter and indicated the cost of the printing was too high. It was suggested that he get a quote from the Dalhousie print shop as it does similar work, A few Newsletters are left for use at the NSPE and Dave MacKay has a few in his store. Mike also reported that the website is in need of new pictures and requested Directors to provide recent photos to add to his. The CSA Booth at the NSPE proved again to be an effect way to tell the public of the work being done. The change in booth location was deemed an improvement and it s hoped that the same place will be available this year.

Scholarship – the chair reported that CSA Directors had created a Scholarship for local high school graduates planning on attending the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus and pursuing a program in aquaculture, environmental science related to wild fishery rehabilitation, conservation, and restoration or related topics in engineering. The $750 award was advertized this spring to Graduating students of Colchester County High Schools and will be awarded in the fall of 2016. CSA will fund the award by means of an annual expense paid to the Dal AC Scholarship Fund.

Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer, David Bauld, provided audited financial statements for 2015. (See attached) By motion (MacIsaac/Nelson) the Treasurers Report was accepted as presented…..passed.

Nominating Committee –The nominating committee report prepared by Dick Huggard for the CSA Executive and Board of Directors 2016/17 was presented by the Chair.

President James Kelly

Past Pres Bill Yarn

Vice Pres Paul MacIsaac

Secretary Doug Byers

Treasurer Dave Bauld

Directors Brian Allan, Wayne Forbes, Steve Gloade, Linda Gorley, Dick Huggard, Robert Matheson, Don Mattinson, Gary McMahon, Gary Robar, Sana Kavanagh, Hedley Fulton, Jamie Webb Chris Nelson, David Larder, Alana Silaboy.

CSA River Restoration Director - Wayne Forbes

There being no further nominations (Called three times) the above were declared the CSA Board for 2016/17…….By motion (Bill Yarn/James Kelly) and carried.

James Kelly assumed the Chair for the remainder of the meeting. He gave thanks to Bill Yarn for his faithful service in his term as President of CSA. James expressed the hope that he could carry on in the same tradition.

Discussion Paul MacIsaac noted the fine success of Wayne Forbes in his fund raising efforts while in the Stream Rehabilitation Coordinator position. Wayne will be handing over these duties to Mike McAdam but will still direct the rehabilitation work each season.

Motion – Moved (Bauld-Mattinson) that James Kelly be added as an authorized bank signing officer for accounts and have full authority in the use of the CSA credit card. Passed

Resolutions - none presented.

Adjournment - by motion of MacIsaac and Nelson