Cobequid  Salmon  Association

Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes



August 12, 2008     7:00 P.M.                                         Room 112,  Haley Institute, NSAC




Chairperson  - Dick Huggard

Members  - Jack Johnson, Nelson Rogers, Bill Yarn, Earl Miller, Gary McMahon, Garth

 Densmore, Dave Bauld, Doug Byers

           Guests  - Wayne Forbes

Regrets  - Robert Gunderson, Katherine Mott, Don Mattinson, Jim Duston, David Creeleman, Erin Rowlands


The proposed Agenda was reviewed by the Chair. By motion (Yarn/Densmore) it was approved as circulated and amended.

The Chair welcomed Waynes Forbes to the meeting.  Wayne was hired by CSA about two weeks ago to work on the Little River project.


Minutes of June 20/08 meeting - By motion (Rogers/Yarn) the minutes of the last meeting were approved as distributed.


Business Arising from Minutes


Fisherama – Jack Rudolph has retired as Chair of the Fisherama.  On behalf of the CSA Directors the

Chair has sent Jack a letter thanking him for his many years of dedication to this annual CSA


Fish Friends – Willow Street School tank must be recovered before the end of the year.

           The Brookfield School was paid $687.37 by CSA toward the cost of its tank.

           The Tatamagouche School had a successful project this year with trout – next year fry from the

 Waugh’s River will be used.

Shad Derby – the port-a-potty  has not been found; the RCMP is still active on the case, but there is not

           much hope of recovery.  Our obligation is not clear yet but the Chair will meet with Baird soon to

 see if CSA must share some of the replacement cost.

Endowment Fund – the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation approved 21 projects for funding (out of

           50 applications) – total contribution $275,000.

Nova Scotia Projects:

        Cumberland Co River Enhancement – $21, 640 for the Little River

        Bluenose Coastal Action Fund (Mahone Bay) – $14,631 for the Mushamush R.

        Sackville River Assoc. – $10,000 for the Little Sackville R.

        Mulgrave and Area Lakes – $3729 for the St. Francis R.

Details may be found in the Fall Ed., 2008, of Eastern Woods and Water

It was agreed that the CSA should submit a project for funding next year – especially in the area of

 planning or awareness.


Treasurer's Report (Yarn)
May 30 Balance      $19, 845.38
Expenses $3,849.06
Deposit   $710.00
June 30 Balance $16,706.32
Expenses this month were mainly wages/benefits and some final pay outs for Fisherama and the Shad Derby.
On a motion (Yarn/McMahon) the Treasurer’s report was approved.


Committee Reports

a)      Citizen’s Monitoring Committee – Nothing new to report.


b)      Forest Alliance – Nothing new to report


c)      Little River Project - $13,000 approved by Adopt-A-Stream fund.  Wayne Forbes has been working on the project which involves structures.  Amy Weston and Bob Rutherford have walked the river with Wayne – they determined that a structure is required every 69 meters. The last three sites are not accessible so logs had to be floated down to the sites.  Help will be needed to get rock moved from a dumping site – possibly by hand.  Garth Densmore offered to provide tractor/loader to move rock to the river bank.  There will be no deflectors installed this year – only digger logs. It is doubtful if a permit will be available to use equipment in the stream.

d)      Exhibition – Booth will be set up Monday- 18th and volunteers welcome.  Fish will arrive Tuesday morning by Mark Hamilton.  A roster was circulated for Directors to indicate their choice of times for staffing the booth.  Bob Gunderson is organizing the staffing and will be calling on Directors for help.  Entrances passes will be available.

e)      Web Site – Yarn reported that Mike has done quite a bit of work (gratis) but the new material has not been put on the site as yet.  The new domain has to be registered - $125, and he still has to get a password.



Correspondence – the Chair received a note from Carl Purcell, indicating that he would like to have the CSA Directors discuss the impact of Bio-solid use on the fishery.


Other –

           Planning – It was suggested that CSA hire someone to lead this process, perhaps John

 Ritter, who helped with the NSSA plan.

           Waugh’s River Walk – Huggard attended a recent walk and review of projects on the

Waugh’s. He met Heather Gordon, Environment Can. Representative.  She suggested Env Can has programs of funding assistance that might fit some of the CSA work. It was agreed we should ask her to attend a future meeting of CSA to discuss opportunities.


Next meeting  - Sept. 9, 2008 at the usual location.


Adjournment – moved by Earl Miller.

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