Cobequid  Salmon  Association
Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2008     7:00 P.M.                                                                                                Room 112,  Haley Institute, NSAC

Chairperson  - Dick Huggard
Members  - Bill Yarn, Garth Densmore, Carl Purcell, Katherine Mott, Robert Gunderson, Jack Johnson, Earl Miller, Dave Creelman, David Bauld, Don Mattinson, Doug Byers
Guests  - Erin Rowlands,  Peter Amiro, DFO
Regrets  -  Bill McCurdy, Linda Gorley, Gary McMahon, Wayne Forbes

The proposed Agenda was reviewed by the Chair. By motion (Purcell/Mott) it was approved as circulated.

Minutes of November 4/08 meeting - By motion (Mott/Gunderson) the minutes of the last meeting were approved as distributed. The Chair thanked Erin for taking the minutes in the Secretary’s absence.

Business Arising from Minutes

Fish Friends – Dick and Wayne removed the tank from Willow St. School and had it checked at NSAC.  It
 will go to the Stewiacke East School.
Little River project – Wayne is now completing the final report and will be ready next week.
Eco-Action Application – feed back from the application and some additional info needed.
Web Site – Mike still working on input.  The minutes of CSA Director’s meetings will be put on the site.
Port-a-Potty - $892.70 was paid to Bairds today for the stolen Potty.

Guest Speaker –
Carl introduced Peter Amiro, Biologist with DFO (NS).  He announced that he would soon be retiring from DFO and thanked the CSA for their continued interest and support to the fisheries research program in the region.  Peter went on to report on the smolt tagging and tracking work that has been going on locally since 1984.  Most recent has been the use of a rotary screw trap at Forest Glen on the Stewiacke R. This year it was in place from May 8 to June 24.  (See Peter Amiro’s presentation summary for details of this study and recent results.)  Peter’s replacement will be Jamie Gibson and all Peter’s data, methodology, etc. will be passed on.  DFO is under considerable budget restraint for this research work and is important that CSA keep stressing its importance for these rivers.
Carl P. agreed to draft a letter which would go from CSA to DFO in support of this work, and indicated our priorities for future studies.
Peter A. suggested that in future local organizations like ours will have to own and control more of the work to be done.  However, at the present time there is no legislation which will encourage private activities, so CSA will have to take a more pro-active role to see that research gets done.
Specifically on the screw trap, it is being repaired and will be available for next year.  It should not go back in the same location;  CSA should propose a narrower site, and one that is securable.
It is important that CSA make its wishes known to DFO as soon as possible for use of the “wheel” next year – regardlesss of known funding sources at this time.
By way of thanks and happy retirement the Chair presented Peter with a CSA cap and a set of flies.

Treasurers Report (B.Yarn)    

October 1 Balance      $20,718.23

Cheques                    $2156.82

Deposits                    $1292.30

October 31 Balance    $19851.71

            It was moved (Yarn/Johnson) that the report be approved as presented – carried.

New Businesss

Coming Events

Correspondence – none

Other –
    Atl. Salmon Journal (Yarn) – a nice article on Bruce Wood in the latest edition.

    Bay of Fundy Recovery  - Carl agreed to prepare a proposal which might be sent in.  He will
       raise this at the next meeting for discussion.

    Wheel Location – the Greecian Bend is suggested as a possibility.  Don lives nearby to keep an
       eye on it.  Carl will have DFO technician  have a look at this location for suitability.

    Erin Rowlands – she will be leaving in two weeks for a new job in Halifax.  Thank yous were
       expressed by the Chair and all Directors for her work with CSA.  A Card of appreciation was

Next meeting  - January 13, 2009,  Room 112, Haley Institute, NSAC

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