Cobequid  Salmon  Association
Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2009 7:00 P.M.

Room 112, Haley Institute, NSAC

Chairperson - Dick Huggard
Members - Bill Yarn, Garth Densmore, Robert Gunderson, Jack Johnson, David Bauld, Nelson Rogers, Jack Johnson, Doug Byers
Guests - Scott Annand
Regrets - Bill McCurdy, Katherine Mott, Gary McMahon, Don Mattinson, Wayne Forbes

The proposed Agenda was reviewed by the Chair. Several additional items were added - Citizen Monitoring Committee, Web Site, Shad Derby, Fisherama and the Annual Meeting. By motion (Densmore/Johnson) it was approved as circulated and amended.

Minutes of December 9/08 meeting - By motion (Rogers/Bauld) the minutes of the last meeting were approved as distributed.

Business Arising from Minutes
Fish Friends - Bob Gunderson asked the Board to relieve him of his Chair duties of this Committee. He feels he does not have the time to coordinate these activities and give justice to the needs. The Board agreed to Bob's request - discussion followed on a replacement. The Chair is to approach Mark Hamilton. Schools participating this year include RedCliff for sure with Brookfield and East Stewiacke as strong possibilities.
Funding Applications - The Chair reported on the applications to:
Adopt-A-Stream - must be in by Feb 15 and Huggard and Forbes are preparing.
Endowment Fund - the Application is in and acknowledged
Habitat Stewardship - Application was submitted by deadline, Dec 12.
ASCF - Application submitted by Dec17 - "A Blueprint For Clean Water" - Col. County, NS.
County of Colchester - a call is out for proposals due by Jan 31. Johnson pointed out the County will also contributed 50% of liability insurance for Non-Profits and will pursue the process required.
ASF Tickets - Yarn reported that CSA had a total ticket sale of $2380, second highest of affiliates. We will recover $1190. The only NS winner was CSA Director, Nelson Rogers
Smolt Wheel Location - The Chair has sent a letter on behalf of CSA to Shane O'Neil, DFO, supporting the continuation of the smolt tagging and tracking work on the Stewiacke. DFO staff are favouring relocating the Wheel to River Bridge but CSA Directors expressed concern for security of the Wheel in this location.
Citizen Monitoring Committee - Bob Gunderson asked for confirmation of CSA for its continued participation. Directors agreed that we continue to be represented on the Committee by Bob.
Web Site - Yarn reported that we will have the Site on line by about the 20th. The name of the domain is
"" . Mike McAdam is the web master and he will add any requested material - newsletters, minutes of Director meetings and so on with suggestions welcome.
Fisherama - Nelson Rogers is Chair of Committee. May 16 is a confirmed date for this year and Nelson will be looking for volunteers.
Shad Derby - Bill Yarn, Chair, indicated the event will be held May 23.

Guest - Bob Gunderson introduced Scottie Annand, who is with the Physical Education Dept of the CEC. He reported that a new compulsory course is being established in the school curriculum at Grade X level. It will emphasize outdoor activities and is aimed at reconnecting children with nature, provide more outdoor exposure and promote resource stewardship. As one of the options Scottie would like to offer Fly Fishing. There is not a large budget and he is seeking whatever helps might be offered - publications, expertise, speakers, coaches and fly casting outfits. CSA Directors agreed to offer help for classroom presentations, casting lessons and coaching. At least two casting outfits to be contributed from Director's collections. Nelson and Bill will follow up with Scottie on contacts, etc. Directors agreed to buy two new rods and reels and donate them to the CEC program….about $200 committed.

Treasurer's Report (Yarn)

November 1 Balance $19,851.71
Cheques $1485.47
Deposits $352.0
November 30 Balance $18,718.24
It was moved (Yarn/Rogers) that the report be approved as presented - carried.
Concern was expressed about the room rent paid ($38.14) to the NSAC. CSA understood it only pays for the room when the students are not in residence. The Chair will investigate the current policy.

New Business
a) CSA Dinner - the date of April 17 is now confirmed and booked with NSAC. Yarn agreed to chair the Committee again this year. It was agreed to leave the cost of tickets at $25 per person. Huggard will order the printing of tickets. Jack J. will order the oysters again as they are a popular aspect of the Dinner. It was agreed to ask Tony to be auctioneer again.
b) Resolutions for NSSA Annual Meeting - meeting is in March in Truro. If any resolutions proposed please advise the CSA Chair.
c) ASF tickets/money now due - see Bill Yarn

Coming Events
a) Adopt-A-Stream Meeting - Truro, Jan 17, 2009 at Jenkins Hall, NSAC. The previous meeting was cancelled
b) Workshop - St Mary's R. Group - on Atlantic Salmon stocking - at St F X, Antigonish, Feb 6-8, 2009. A good opportunity for education and discussion on stocking. Contact Sean Mitchell, Exec Director of St Mary's Org. or Dick has information.
c) NSSA Annual Meeting - Agri-Tech Park, Bible Hill, March 7, 2009. Carl and Dick will be organizing this. A CSA report required - Huggard and Byers to prepare.
d) Sports and RV Show - usually mid March, but no known dates yet. NSSA will have a booth and volunteers welcome to help with staffing.
e) NSSA Dinner - April 4, 2009 Yarn to confirm this date!
f) CSA Dinner - now confirmed for April 17, 2009, but discussion followed and concerns expressed for the late date. The Chair agreed to try for Match 28, but will depend on bookings for the NSAC dining rooms.

Correspondence -
A nice letter from Peter Amiro, thanking CSA for its faithful support over his career with DFO.
Letter received from the Clean Water Program
Other -
Rogers asked about the hand-over of the NSSA trophy, which is on display in his shop. He was advised it will be returned to NSSA at the Annual Meeting.

Next meeting - February10, 2009, Room 112, Haley Institute, NSAC

Adjournment -



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