Cobequid  Salmon  Association
Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2009 - 7:00 P.M.                                                            Room 112,  Haley Institute, NSAC


Chairperson  - Bill Yarn
Members - Garth Densmore, Gary McMahon, Don Mattinson, Dick Huggard, Earl Miller, Nelson Rogers, Jack Johnson, Katharine Mott, Doug Byers
Guests  - Wayne Forbes, Adam Stone
Regrets  - Robert Gunderson, Robert Matheson, Carl Purcell, Scott Langille

The proposed Agenda was reviewed by the Chair. Additions included Fish Friends and Fish Releases. By motion (Huggard/Miller) the agenda was approved as circulated and amended

Minutes of September 15/09 meeting

By motion (Mott/Johnson), the minutes of the last meeting were approved as distributed. Thanks were extended to Wayne Forbes for taking the minutes in absence of the Secretary.

Business Arising from Minutes

1.Salmon Dinner (Huggard) April 16 proposed as the first choice date for 2010 Dinner…Agreed. Huggard will consult with NSAC staff and book Riverview Room.It was agreed that the price be raised to $35 per person and this would include a 2010 membership in CSA.

2. Little River Report (Forbes) Work is almost finished for this year. Four deflectors and 5 digger logs were installed – from 45-60 ft. long.
Repairs were made to existing deflectors and diggers. Four sites on the River had water tests completed - Ph was found to be high at all sites.
Other measures were also found to be above ideal levels.

3. Proposals for 2010 Several proposals to be submitted for financial support from agencies or organizations. The Habitat Stewardship was submitted for last week’s deadline. The Atl. Salmon Conservation Society is seeking submissions by Dec 18. Partnership projects are favoured,
especially with Native groups. Huggard and Mott agreed to prepare a proposal which focuses on watershed planning. Other proposals are due in the next 2 months. Eight submissions were made last year and CSA had three approved for assistance.

4. Habitat Stewardship Workshop – Annap. Valley, Dec. 3, 4, 5. Wayne to
attend for cost of registration and meals. Others from CSA are welcome
to attend.

5. CSA Vests and Shirts -Scott Langille will bring samples to the next
CSA meeting.*

Treasurer's Report (B.Yarn)    

September 1   Balance     $20,718.23

Cheques                          $15,598.70

Deposits                          $2,097.00

September 30 Balance      $30,935.22

     It was moved (Rogers/Huggard) that the report be approved as presented – carried.

New Businesss

Coming Events - nil

Correspondence - nil

Other - nil

Next meeting  - December 8th, 2009 @ 7 PM in Room 112, Haley Institute, NSAC

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