Cobequid Salmon Association

Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes


December 8, 2009 - 7:00 P.M. Room 112, Haley Institute, NSAC



Chairperson - Robert Gunderson

Members - Garth Densmore, Gary McMahon, Don Mattinson, Bill McCurdy,
                   Dick Huggard, Earl Miller, Katharine Mott, Scott Langille, Doug Byers

Guests -  Wayne Forbes

Regrets - Nelson Rogers, Jack Johnson, Bill Yarn, Adam Stone, Linda Gorley, Robert


The proposed Agenda was reviewed by the Chair. By motion (Huggard/Mott) the agenda was approved as circulated.


Minutes of previous meeting


Business Arising from Minutes

a. Committee of Directors named to organize dinner details - Yarn (Chair), Mott, Johnson, Bauld and Huggard. Directors encouraged to solicit items for the auctions. The canoe ordered should be finished in time for display at the Dinner and tickets will be ready for sale at that time. Langille volunteered to organize tickets sales for the Dinner. Agreed that Ticket price will be $35 (including CSA membership).

b. Funding Requests (Forbes) - a submission to the Foundation is almost complete and expect to meet the deadline of Dec 18. The Adopt-A-Stream report is being prepared and will submitted in January. No proposal to be sent to the Gulf of Maine Committee this year.

c. CSA Vests, Caps and Shirts (Langille) - Samples were shown to directors with prices from Wildflower Vending. Directors agreed to an order of 144 Caps in various designs and colours. Orders were also taken from individual Directors for vests and shirts.

d. ASF Tickets - Absolute deadline is Friday (Dec 11) for return of tickets and money to Huggard.

Treasurer's Report

From Bill Yarn and presented by Huggard

BALANCE Oct 1/09 - $30,935.22

Cheques (9 for payroll, travel and other) - $5,680.79
Deposits - $6.37

BALANCE Oct 30/09 - $25,260.80

It was moved (Huggard/McMahon) that the Report be approved as presented.

New Business

a. DFO Presentation - It was agreed to invite Shane O'Neil, DFO scientist, to attend the next Directors meeting to provide an update on the Stewiacke River work - past and future plans. Beth Lenentin will also be invited to discuss the distribution of juveniles and adults from the Inner Bay gene bank and recovery program. The latest stock count data was passed on to Directors.

b. Species At Risk Conference - Wayne reported that the conference was postponed to February. He is still registered and plans to attend as previously approved.


moved by

Next meeting - January 12, 2009, Room 112, Haley Institute, NSAC