Cobequid  Salmon  Association

Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes



February 9, 2010 - 7:00 P.M.                                         Room 112, Haley Institute, NSAC




Chairperson - Robert Gunderson

Members -

Garth Densmore, Gary McMahon, Don Mattinson, Bill McCurdy, Dick Huggard, Katharine Mott, David Bauld, Bill Yarn, Jack Johnson, Scott Langille, Doug Byers

Guests - Wayne Forbes, Larry Bell, Carolyn Bell

Regrets - Earl Miller, Robert Matheson, Carl Purcell, Nelson Rogers


The proposed Agenda was reviewed by the Chair. By motion (Huggard/Densmore) it was approved as circulated.

The Chair welcomed Waynes Forbes to the meeting.  Wayne was hired by CSA about two weeks ago to work on the Little River project.


Minutes of Jan 12, 2010 meeting - The Chair read the minutes of the last meeting. By motion (Mott/Johnson), the minutes of the last meeting were approved as read. Thanks to Wayne Forbes for recording the minutes of the January meeting.



The Chair introduced Larry Bell, the Vice President of the Sackville Rivers Association.  He gave a presentation on the work being done by the Sackville group under two major headings – outreach and science.  He also talked of accessing funding sources and the possibility of help to CSA from his organization.  He stressed the need for developing watershed plans – documenting the data for the watershed, determining needs, setting priorities for action and justifying financial support.  There is a deal of emphasis now by society on destruction or damage to wetlands and the “costs” associated, some of which are made available to organizations for remediation. He mentioned Bob Pett as the person in Dept of Transportation responsible for remediation funds.

In a discussion of Fish Friends Larry mentioned that his group has a very successful program of “River Rangers”. This is aimed at an older student group and is based on a total eco-system approach.  The corporate and government financial support has been excellent.  The SRA would be willing to share its manual and other material.

Larry ended up with a mention of funding – sources, applying and overhead costs.  Larry can supply a three page list of funding sources related to watersheds.  He suggested that CSA consider the private sector as well as government for support.


Business Arising from Minutes


a.      Nova Forest Alliance – Gary reported that the NFA has put out a call for proposals which stresses projects which help the forest community.  Wayne Forbes was asked to complete an application for CSA – due March 5.  The NFA Management Committee meets March 10.


b.           Canoe Tickets – The annual CSA draw will feature a handmade canoe as first prize, a Bruce Wood original as second prize and a Carl Purcel hand carved decoy as third prize.  The tickets are ready to print and will be available for the CSA Dinner.  Cost will be $5 each or 3/$10.


c.      CSA Dinner – The committee has met and planning is on track.  Prizes for the auctions are being collected and Directors are encouraged to solicited suitable items.


d.      Species at Risk Conference – Wayne Forbes will represent CSA.


Treasurer’s  Report  (as of 30 Nov 09) – Bill Yarn reported:


Balance (opening):       $30,859.10

                                    Cheques (4):                $  3,857.41

                                    Deposits (2):                $  4,660.00

                                    Balance (closing):         $31,661.69


Correspondence   none


New Business   none


Other -  editor Jack J. asked  for suggestions and material for the next issue.

He requested that the dates for the Fisherama and Shad Derby be set so they can be included in the next issue and on the website.

CSA Annual Meeting – it was agreed that the Annual Meeting be held April 20, 2010 in Room 112, Haley Institute.  This will follow the April meeting of the Directors. The Nominations Committee will consist of two past presidents.


Next meeting  - 9 March, 2010, Room 112, Haley Institute, NSAC


Adjournment - moved by