Cobequid  Salmon  Association

Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes


June 8, 2010 7:00 P.M. Room 112, Haley Institute, NSAC
Chairperson - Robert Gunderson
Members - Garth Densmore, Gary McMahon, Don Mattinson, Bill McCurdy, Dick Huggard, Katharine Mott, Jack Johnson, Robert Matheson, Adam Stone, Nelson Rogers, Doug Byers
Guests - Wayne Forbes
Regrets – Bill Yarn, Carl Purcell
The proposed Agenda was reviewed by the Chair. By motion (Mott/Stone) the agenda was approved as circulated.
Minutes of May 11, 2010 meeting – By motion (Huggard/Densmore), the minutes of the last meeting were approved as read. Thanks to Wayne Forbes for recording the minutes of the May meeting.
Business Arising from Minutes  
a. Fisherama (Rogers) - Nelson is preparing a full report for the web site. Registration was 263, which was up 25 over last year. Eight of the
24 tagged fish were caught. There were three winners of the Education funds draw. Natural Resources staff where on the scene twice and there was police presence which helped with the security before and during the event. There was good feedback from participant interviews. The canteen did well. Nelson to put together a manual of procedures for the Fisherama.
b. Shad Derby – Bill Yarn will give a report at the next meeting.  
c. Little River Update (Forbes) - Funding for this year has been confirmed. Adopt-A-Stream at $15,500, $28,000 from HSP, and $2000 from
the County of Colchester. Wayne hopes to get Casey Brown for the summer and is interviewing two more people for the season. A youth group at Millbrook may be available for work during the summer. Water sampling began today. Hope to start tree planting soon, but the River is very high right now.
No date set for a River Walk but Directors agreed to have another one this year.
d. Exhibition Booth – Nelson proposed changes to the booth, using panels and 4X4 uprights. These will be portable and reused – Cost about $350. It was moved and seconded (Mott/McMahon) that Nelson be authorized to spend up to $1000 for the construction of booth panels, lighting and new signage. Carried.
Canoe Tickets – The annual CSA draw will feature a handmade canoe as first prize, a Bruce Wood original as second prize and a Carl Purcell hand carved decoy as third prize. The tickets are available for Directors - Cost will be $5 each or 3/$10.
Huggard agreed to book the fish tank from Jim Duston and perhaps get some salmon this year. Nelson to arrange for a staffing schedule for the booth.
e. Fish Friends (Huggard) – Excellent presentation by students of Mrs. Mumford’s class at the last meeting. Twenty-six students at grade 3 and 4 level were involved in the project. On the 15th (Tuesday next) the fish will be released in a brook behind the School. All Directors are
invited to attend.
Stewiacke school project has been a disappointment – may have been sabotaged!
Treasurer’s Report
Dick Huggard presented the report on behalf of Bill Yarn
March & April 2010
Bank balance Feb 26/10 - $20,900.41
Feb Deposits - 6,665.00
Feb Cheques - 2,767.05
Bank Balance March/10 - 24,798.36
April Deposits - 23,329.55
April Cheques - 8,418.66
Bank Balance April 30/10 - $39,709.25
Major expenses during this period
Chartwells for the Dinner was $5,478.52
Major income from Grants expected for 2010: Adopt-A-Stream - 15,000; Habitat - 28,000
It was moved (Huggard/Rogers) that the Report be approved as presented.
Correspondence - none

River Watch (Johnson) - Jack reminded the Directors of this project which was quite active some years ago - there is still some interest yet. Katharine Mott was one of the founders. Jack passed out caps to interested directors.

Nova Forest Alliance - Gary reported that the NFA next meeting is June 22nd and he plans to attend on behalf of CSA.

Future CSA activities - The Chair asked for suggestions. He would like to have a discussion at a future Directors meeting.

Next meeting - August 10, 2010 Room 112, Haley Institute, NSAC