Cobequid Salmon Association

Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes



August 10, 2010 - 7:00 P.M. Room 112, Haley Institute, NSAC




Chairperson - Robert Gunderson

Members - Gary McMahon, Don Mattinson, Dick Huggard,Nelson Rogers, Scott Langille, Bill Yarn, Doug Byers

Guests - Wayne Forbes

Regrets - Katharine Mott, Bill McCurdy, Earl Miller, Jack Johnson, Adam Stone



The proposed Agenda was reviewed by the Chair. By motion (Rogers, Huggard)) it was approved as circulated.

Minutes of June 8, 2010 meeting - By motion (Rogers, Huggard)) they were approved as circulated.


Business Arising from Minutes


  Exhibition Booth - NSPE opens Aug. 24; the booth to be set up the 23rd. Dick agreed to obtain passes and day tickets for Directors. They will be available from Bob's wife at her office, Hollis Ford.
Booth components and construction led by Nelson - will need help on Aug 22 or 23. Cost will be approximately $700 and will incorporate old and new signage.
New posters will be ready at cost of $83.68 each. Bob and Wayne to arrange for suitable pictures to use on posters.
Fish tank from NSAC - Jim Duston - and fish to go in on the 23rd.
A staffing schedule will be drawn-up by Nelson - all Directors asked to take a shift.
Bill Yarn to arrange for prizes to be on display in booth.


Treasurer's Report - Apr - Jun, 2010

Bank Balance - 30 June

July Deposits $13,585.00  
  Shad Derby 450.00  
  Postage 96.62  
  Trout Trip 236.00  
  Baird's Septic 300.00  
  Prizes - Nelson 300.00  
  Dinner - Oysters 300.00  
  NSPE Booth 749.50  
  Specialty Ptrs 89.72  
  Rent 40.96  
  First Aid Kit 325.82  
  Food, CSA Dinner 5,478.52  
  Prizes, CSA Dinner 2,717.92  
  Newsletter 456.75  
Closing Balance   $11,541.81

It was moved (Yarn/Rogers) that the Report be approved as presented. Carried

Correspondence Nil


Other River Walk

Agreed that Wayne organize a public Walk for Sept 3 at 1:30 to show this year's work. Chairman to send E-Mail to Director's to inform them of this year's Walk.
Bob and Dick to be in touch with media; Wayne to organize signage.
Huggard informed Director's of a Waugh's River Walk on Aug 12, 1:30 at the Falls.

Nelson informed directors that he was preparing a Fisherama report for presentation at future meeting.



Next meeting -.14 Sept, 2010


Adjournment moved by ?