Cobequid Salmon Association

Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes



November 9th, 2010 -7 PM. Room 112, Haley Institute, NSAC





Agenda - was reviewed by the Chair. By motion (Huggard, Langille) it was approved as circulated.


Minutes of Last Meeting - By motion (Huggard, Johnson) they were approved as circulated.


Business Arising from Minutes


Treasurer's Report

Opening Balance - date?

  $ ??.??
Recent Deposits    
  NSSA Adopt-a-Stream 1,508.00  
  HSF Advance 25,200.00  
  Tickets 505.00  
Closing Balance   $48,479.42

Moved by Yarn, Langille that the Report be approved as read. Carried.


Correspondence Nil




Next meeting - 11 Jan, 2011 (agreed for no meeting in December)


Adjournment moved by ?