Cobequid Salmon Association

Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes



Mar 15, 2011 7:00 P.M. Room 112, Haley Institute, NSAC




Agenda - was reviewed by the Chair. By motion it was approved as circulated, but amended



Beth Lenentine, manager of the Diadromous Fish program for DFO in the Coldbrook facility briefed us on the direction they are taking in re-establishing the Bay of Fundy salmon stocks to the levels of years gone by. Good results are being seen through selective breeding of captured adult fish and the resulting release of their offspring into our local river systems. Statistics and quantities were shown to support their efforts. An excellent presentation and very gratifying to see positive results



Minutes of Last Meeting ( Feb 8th) - The minutes were read by Katherine Mott and approved as read by Huggard and Johnson


Business Arising from Minutes


Treasurer's Report

Yarn reported on CSA revenues and expenditures and the report was approved by Yarn and Huggard. For further information, see Bill Yarn.


Other Annual Meeting

It was agreed that the AGM be held April 12, Room 112, Haley Institute, NSAC. Dr Jim Duston and/or Paul MacIsaac be asked to be special speaker. The Chair and Dick Huggard will prepare the AGM agenda.

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Next meeting(Annual) - 12 Apr, 2011, 7 PM, Rm 112, Haley Institute


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