Cobequid  Salmon  Association

Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes



May 10, 2011 - 7:00 P.M.                                         Room 112, Haley Institute, NSAC





The proposed Agenda was reviewed by the chair and by motion (Mattinson/Matheson) was approved as circulated


Minutes of March 15, 2011 Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as circulated by motion (Gunderson/Matheson).


Business Arising from Minutes

a. Spring Fishery

Several pairs of Directors participated, however, there were no catches. Purcell reported that DFO staff were also on the River twice and saw only one fish, despite using lures. It was the same story on the Margaree R., with only 3 fish taken this spring. Also, DFO plans to place pingers in smolts (about 30), but so far the River is too high. Purcell thanked the CSA Directors and asked those participating to submit a report of time spent.

b. Annual Meeting
The Chair reported on a successful meeting on April 12 – Dr Jim Duston was the guest speaker and gave a report on the bass fishery in the Bay of Fundy.

c. Watershed Restoration Management
Huggard and Forbes and Langille met with Steve Caines, Adopt-A-Stream, to start a mapping process for the Stewiacke R. Funds will be scarce this year but preliminary work will begin.

d. Funding Opportunities
Forbes reported that Adopt-A-Stream has approved about $20,000 for this year and the County of Colchester has agreed to a $2000 contribution to CSA. It is likely that CSA will get $2800 from the NSHP fund plus what was left from last year’s contribution. It was reported that the Shell Environmental Fund web site is now open. Wayne agreed to check with the Antigonish group on application procedures. It was agreed that the Chair send a letter of thanks to the County Council.

e. Stewiacke River Work Plan
The actual work plan depends on the amount of funding available. Rock placing is planned and will cost $15,000 to $18,000. Rock placement is also highly dependent on weather.

f. Annual Dinner
Yarn reported on another successful Dinner with a capacity crowd. CSA will net over $15,000 from this year’s Dinner – see Treasurer’s Report.

g.Fish Friends
Another tank has been found by Johnson and Forbes reported that he has one in storage as well. These are in addition to the 3 tanks now in use. Release dates are set as follows:

Redcliff - June 15, 9:30 to the Farnham Brook

Bible Hill Jr High - June 17, 9:00 to Farnham Brook

Brookfield Elementary - June 16, 1:30

Lewis Hinks has agreed to attend and help with the releases by the school classes. A River walk is planned for interested students – during the same week.

h. Fisherama – May 21
Langille reported that the plans for this year’s event are well under way. Security on the 20th and early on the 21 is to be increased this year with DFO and Town police support. A good supply of prizes have been donated and 4 RESPs will be awarded. Publicity will include radio and posters – which are now ready for posting. New signs have been made, including one to thank the sponsors. A notice will also be put on the web site. Help is requested for food service and the fish release on Friday. About 450 children should be registered this year.

j. Shad Derby – May 28
Bill Yarn is not available this year. Mattinson, Langille and Matheson agreed to manage the Derby on the 28th. It was moved (Langille/Mattinson) that CSA fund a $100 RESP for award to best catch by a minor.....passed.

k. Exhibition - August 23 – 27
A booth has been reserved for CSA and Huggard will report on details at the next meeting.

l. Canoe Fund Raiser
Tickets were sold at the Dinner and more are available to Directors from the President.


Treasurer's Report

Bill Yarn reported . The new Treasurer, Dave Bauld, to assume duties this month.

Opening Balance - 1 March, 2011

  $ 37,625.42
month? Deposits $13,585.00  
  Payroll - Jan to Mar $3,104.02  
  P.O. Box Rental $155.25  
  Postage - Newsletter $209.63  
  Prize Framing $301.99  
  Prizes -Dinner $1,190.00  
  Reg'y Joint Stocks $28.03  
Revenue, Annual Dinner - 2011 $24,140.00
Expenses $8,822.25
Net from Dinner $15,317.75
Closing Balance   $32,594.81

Moved by Yarn/Forbes that Report be approved as read



One letter received this month from the County of Colchester approving a grant of $2000 to the CSA for 2011



Langille reported that he had been approached by Karen Rae on Rte 289 about the nearby stream, Fields Brook. She wondered if restoration work was planned and if her two sons could be of any help. Forbes was asked to look into this issue and report back to Directors.


Forestry Biomass Workshop – Purcell gave an invitation for Directors to attend this event at Antigonish onune 11. Two environmentally sensitive sites on St Mary’s Bay being considered for development are being opposed by NSSA.


Next meeting  -.June 14, 2011. Room 112, Haley Institute, N.S.A.C. 7:00 P.M.


Adjournment – moved by ?