Cobequid  Salmon  Association

Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes



June 14, 2011 - 7:00 P.M.                                         Room 112, Haley Institute, NSAC





The proposed Agenda was reviewed by the chair and by motion (Huggard/Gunderson) was approved as circulated


Minutes of March 15, 2011 Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as circulated by motion (Gunderson/Matheson).


Business Arising from Minutes

a. Watershed Restoration Management – Stewiacke R.
Several meetings were held with Steve Caines and a very extensive plan is being developed including two pages of parameters to describe the River. Doug Simpson and Scott Robertson have started to walk the River.

b. Annual Meeting
The Chair reported on a successful meeting on April 12 – Dr Jim Duston was the guest speaker and gave a report on the bass fishery in the Bay of Fundy.

c. Watershed Restoration Management
Huggard and Forbes and Langille met with Steve Caines, Adopt-A-Stream, to start a mapping process for the Stewiacke R. Funds will be scarce this year but preliminary work will begin.

d. Funding Opportunities
The Chair reported on the Shell Environment Fund application – an E-Mail was received acknowledging CSA request and that more time was needed to consider this proposal. Hope to hear back in 6 to 8 weeks.

HST Fund – After discussion with Cathy Merrimen our application has been recommended to Council. Don’t expect a response before Sept.

e. Stewiacke River Work Plan
Water level is high now so no tree planting, but expect to do planting as level goes down. Tree planting will be a major activity and the $22,000 left from last year’s funding will be used to complete rock placement work started last season.

f. Annual Dinner
Yarn reported on another successful Dinner with a capacity crowd. CSA will net over $15,000 from this year’s Dinner – see Treasurer’s Report.

g.Fish Friends
Huggard reported on the River walk for the Brookfield School students on June 13th. Twenty-eight students and ten parents were shown the work sites and improvements to the River – an excellent day!

Schedule of releases this week –

Wednesday – Bible Hill Elementary: at Farnham Brook (Don MacLean, speaker)

Thursday – Brookfield Elementary: at Creamery Brook

Friday – Redcliff Elementary: at Farnham Brook (Tara Marshall, speaker)

It will be a challenge to carry on this program next year as this is the last year for ASF support. Sixty-three schools are in the program in Nova Scotia.

h. Fisherama – May 21
Langille reported on another successful event this year, although the weather did not cooperate. Security was improved and there was a minimum of adult fishing. Three hundred twelve children participated. A detailed report was handed out and is attached to minutes.

j. Shad Derby – May 28
The Chair reported that 35 people registered this year. The winning fish was 4.7 pounds, with several weighed in at 2.8 pounds.

By motion (Johnson/Huggard) the Directors approved that a late weigh-in be acknowledged and be awarded the equivalent of second prize ($100), due to a mix up over the deadline time.

Langille suggested that the Derby be held a couple of weeks earlier, however, it was pointed out that the River would be higher and the weather less desirable for an earlier date.

k. Exhibition - August 23 – 27
Huggard reported that the booth space is booked and the booth structures, new posters, etc. will be reused this year. Details to be discussed at the next Directors’ meeting. NSPE is August 23 to 27.

l. Canoe Fund Raiser
Tickets are available for all Directors to sell over the summer. Tickets to be sold at the EX Booth.

m. Fields Brook Request

Forbes has tried to contact the local resident, Karen Rae, requesting information on planned work on this Brook. A walk along the Brook is planned to see if any work is warranted.

Treasurer's Report

Dave Bauld reported .

Opening Balance - 1 April, 2011

  $ 32,594.81
Deposits $23,820.46
  Rent $41.69  
  Kwik Copy $564.14  
  St. Mary's Smokehouse $395.50  
  Meals-Dinner $5,627.51
  Prizes -Dinner $508.52  
  Atlantic Envelope $102.93
  Ditch Doctor $690.00  
  Lady's Raffle $275.00  
  Cash float $200  
Closing Balance - 30 April, 2011   $48,009.98

On motion (Bauld/ Huggard) the Treasurer’s Report was accepted and approved as presented





New Business

By motion (Langille/Huggard) the CSA agreed that the names of winners of RESPs at the Fisherama and Shad Derby be put in the local paper, subject to agreement of the parents. The sponsors will also be recognized with a suitable thank you.

By motion (Huggard/MacMahon) CSA agreed to provide generic business cards for staff and Directors. Two hundred fifty cards to be printed at this time.

Directors were informed of an article in the latest Atlantic Salmon Journal on the work done by CSA on the Little River.


Johnson reported that it was bad year for the food concessions at the Fisherama and Shad Derby – the net return for the two events was only $44.66.

The Chair reminded directors to pass on any bills to the new treasurer, Dave Bauld.

On a question, the Chair reported that $500 had been received in memorials for Susan Glintz. Mike Cook’s name to be added to the list of donors.


Next meeting  -. August 9, 2011. Room 112, Haley Institute, N.S.A.C. 7:00 P.M.(no meeting in July)