Cobequid  Salmon  Association

Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes



September 13, 2011 - 7:00 P.M.                                         Room 112, Haley Institute, NSAC





The proposed Agenda was reviewed by the chairman and approved as circulated


Minutes of August 9th, 2011 Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as amended (and attached) on a motion by Huggard and Miller.


Business Arising from Minutes

a. Watershed Restoration Management – Stewiacke R.
Forbes reported that the watershed management plan is beginning to come together for this year. Once the main branch of the Little River is completed, the tributaries will be given attention.

b. Stewiacke / Little River Work Plan 2011
Rock work has been completed and trees planted behind the George Kimber property on the Little River. Adopt-a-Stream structure sites have been flagged and readied for the 2012 season along with some rock work behind the Ernie Glintz property in Forest Glen.

c. Funding Opportunities
Our holdback of $2,800.00 from the HSP program has been paid along with a cash advance of $26,253.00 for this years project. Remaining amount to be forthcoming as needed. Expression of Interest has been called for the 2012/2013 season and a project for next year will have to be applied for before November 15, 2011. Still nothing from the Shell Environmental Program but that is for 2012 anyway.

d. Exhibition Booth
Profit and loss figures were given on this years event. Discussion followed on prizes, location, size of booth and other ideas. These issues will be given some thought and discussed at future meetings.

Canoe and Exhibition Draws: the draws for our prizes was made by an NSAC student and were -
Canoe by Dave Hamilton Chris MacNutt Truro
Illustration by Bruce Wood William Dargravel Truro
Duck Craving by Carl Purcell Wayne White Truro

e. Salmon Video Proposal
The Chair reported that he had been speaking with Henry Hicks and it was stated that the planned video production is a go. Whenever they need funds, they will send us an invoice as agreed.

Treasurer's Report

David Bauld reported


Opening Balance - 1 April, 2011

  $ 42,643.27
Deposits $16,954.66
  Payroll (x4 cheques) $5,062.47  
  Rent ? $41.49  
  Booth Rental $747.50  
  #669 Derby $100.00  
  Derby $300.00
  Business Cards $75.00
  Misc. $165.76  
Closing Balance   $53,105.51

On motion (Matheson/Gunderson) the Treasurer’s Report was accepted and approved as presented



A letter was received from the family of Garth Densmore thanking the CSA for their contribution toward the scholarship at the church in Garth's name.


New Business

The NSSA is no longer continuing the Fish Friends program in region schools as this is the last year for ASF support. Sixty-three schools are currently in the program in Nova Scotia. The CSA will be taking over the management of this worthwhile program in the local area under a committee headed by Scott Langille.

Tara Marshall has shown interest in providing a wider coverage in the province. Discussions will be forthcoming.


Mike Cameron of North River has shown as interest in becoming involved in the CSA and is to be invited to attend one of our directors meeting.

Other Business


Next meeting 
October 11, 2011. Room 112, Haley Institute, N.S.A.C. 7:00 P.M.

on a motion by Matheson, Gunderson