Cobequid  Salmon  Association

Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes


November 8, 2011. 700 P.M. Room 112, Haley Institute, N.S.A.C.

Chairman – Bill Yarn
Directors – David Bauld, Wayne Forbes, Dick Huggard, Scott Langille, Bill McCurdy, Jack Johnson, Gary McMahon, Katharine Mott, Nelson Rogers, Doug Byers
Regrets – Robert Gunderson, Robert Matheson, Earl Miller, Carl Purcell, Don Mattinson

The proposed Agenda was reviewed by the chair and approved as circulated.

Minutes of the last Meeting – Sep 13, 2011
The minutes of the meeting were approved as circulated.

Business Arising from the Minutes:

Watershed Resource Management – Nothing new to report since the last meeting

Funding Opportunities and Applications –Forbes reported that he is now preparing final reports on this year’s work and sending applications for 2012 funding to Shell Canada, HSP, Adopt-A-Stream, and Colchester County.
The Shell Canada application has resulted in CSA being chosen as one of 54 organizations to get $10,000 grant and CSA is entered in a website competition with a $25,000 additional prize. Anyone can vote for CSA project – one of the top 8 out of 23 in the water category. Wayne has set up our presence on the website but he requested some help – possibly Mike McAdam – to add more content. The Chair agreed to request Mike’s help. An E-Mail to be sent to all Directors with the link to the Shell website.

Stewiacke / Little River Work Plan 2011 – A road is being prepared now for delivery of material to projects next year. CSA and land owner are sharing the cost. It is behind the Ernie Glintz property.

Exhibition Booth – The chair raised the question of CSA continuing to have a booth at the NSPE, noting that it is not a money maker – only broke even on the prizes. Discussion followed on the benefits to CSA – presence, education, awareness of issues, etc. versus the costs, ticket prices and so on. The consensus of the Directors was to continue with the booth. Huggard, Langille, and Rogers agreed to have a report for the January meeting on future booth operation.

Salmon Video Proposal – The Chair reported that Hicks has said that he and Cameron have met all goals to date, and interviews have begun. A payment of the CSA pledge has been requested – cheque will be sent.
It is noted that Ecology Action is now managing the funds for the project. Recent events regarding fish farms will be addressed in the video i.e: $3 million in fines for fish farm officers and recent article in Atlantic Salmon Journal on land-based farms.

Dinner - Dave Bauld has agreed to be chair of the Dinner Committee this year. Committee members – Huggard, Mott, Johnson, Rogers, Langille. The date is April 15, 2012 at the Jenkins Hall, NSAC.

Fish Release - DFO had two recent fish releases in the Stewiacke River on the 22nd and 25th of October with perfect water levels and temps. Jack coordinated these for CSA. Females released: 240. Males released: 178 (note: these were large fish - up to 30 lbs).
Locations were at Birch Hill and the Sheep Pasture Pool. Previous to these releases, young salmon were put in the Salmon R.
Huggard reported that by special permit he caught one fish at Scout Pool. The estimated survival rate continues to be less than one per cent and DFO continues to monitor the effects of these fish releases.

Clothing Inventory - Scott Langille reported on the inventory of CSA apparel. Hats 45 Vests 3 Shirts 2.
Directors agreed that Scott should order additional stock of the more popular items.

Posters/Signage - Jack Johnson questioned the location of posters prepared for the NSLC stores in Truro and Stewiacke. The chair reported that he was unable to retrieve the Stewiacke posters and he was sure the ones for Truro were disposed of as well. There were some posters in storage at the NSAC. It was agreed a better system of control was needed for such items.
Scott suggested the signage from the Fisherama is stored outside at Nelson Rogers'. Yarn and Rogers agreed to move these signs to Bruce Woods’ next week – for inside storage.

Treasurers Report

Opening Balance - 1 Oct., 2011

  Payroll - Ditch Doctor $15,000  
  Rent ? $41.49  
  Misc. $165  
Total $15,206.49  
Closing Balance   $50,448

Main receipt during the period was the HSP project grant funds of approximately $29,000.
Main disbursements during the period were to Ditch Doctor for river work - $15,000 and payrolls.
On motion by Bauld and Huggard the Treasurers Report was accepted and approved as presented.

Notice of RFAC Meeting scheduled for Nov 15 at Glengarry Motel, Truro.

Letter of thanks from Jim Goit for CSA prompt response to complaint from Bible Hill resident. The NSAC provided CSA with a $3000 cheque for costs in clean-up operation.

New Business

Next directors Meeting
January 10, 2012 .