Cobequid  Salmon  Association

Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes


February 14, 2012. 700 P.M. Room 112, Haley Institute, N.S.A.C.

Chairman – Bill Yarn
Directors – David Bauld, Wayne Forbes, Scott Langille, Dick Huggard, Jack Johnson, Don Mattinson, Robert Matheson, Robert Gunderson, Doug Byers
Regrets – Bill McCurdy, Gary McMahon, Nelson Rogers, Katharine Mott, Carl Percell, Earl Miller, Scott Robertson

The proposed Agenda was reviewed by the chair and approved as circulated with additions to New Business.

Minutes of the January 10, 2012 Meeting
By motion (Johnson/Gunderson) the minutes of the last meeting were approved as circulated.

Business Arising from the Minutes :

Watershed Resource Management – Forbes reported most of the Management Plan has been documented with exception of graphic material which will show the problem areas. Help will be available for this from Amy Weston’s office to complete this aspect of the Plan.

Funding Opportunities and Applications – Forbes indicated that there is not much new since the last meeting. HSP has sent a cheque for about $13,000 with $4000 remaining for this fiscal year. The new NS Forestry Alliance program will be sending out application forms and CSA can apply for tree planting assistance. CSA is in the same place in the Shell competition and faces strong competition from other applicants.
Website is

Stewiacke / Little River Work Plan 2012 – A road is being prepared now for delivery of material to projects this year. Wayne hopes to get a dozer in soon to prepare road before the frost goes out. The work site is behind the Ernie Glintz property. If money available, there is work to be done above this location – site of 2008 work.

Exhibition Booth – As requested at last meeting the committee of Huggard, Langille, and Rogers was asked to meet again and consider ideas for effective use of the booth. Langille reported on progress and asked for ideas from CSA Directors. Discussion followed on the importance of signage.
It was agreed that Jack Johnson would obtain costs for a new large multi-use sign which could be used for the Dinner, the Exhibition booth and other events. Langille and Byers were authorized to obtain framed photos of CSA work which could be used in the Exhibition booth and for other events.

Fund Raiser - On motion (Langille/Mattinson) it was approved that the prizes for this year’s fund raiser be:

Dinner - Bauld reported that the Dinner Committee had met and organization of the Annual Dinner (April 13) was well under-way. Fund raising tickets will be sold at the Dinner. Dinner tickets were distributed to Directors.

Salmon Video Proposal – The Chair reported that the Cameron/Hicks video preparation work continues. Cameron attended the public sessions on the Fish Farm expansions at Sheet harbour and he filmed the entire session.

Fish Farm Expansions - The Chair reported on the Sheet Harbour public meeting in the Legion Hall. About 400 people attended and the meeting was presented very well. Three new sites for farms are being proposed by a Scottish Company. There were presentations first from both sides of the debate and then about two and ½ hours of question/answer session. A petition against the new sites at the door obtained 262 signatures. The majority of the attendees seemed to be against further expansion of sea-based fish farms. An important bit of information was brought out – if the Scottish firm is successful with this application it then has automatic approval for future expansion of its operation. A DFO representative stated firmly that there was no scientific evidence of fish farming affecting the natural salmon stocks. Given the present readjustments of fish farming locations and technology going on in Europe, this seems a very dramatic statement by DFO.

Fisherama - Langille reported that plans were well under-way for the 2012 event – to be held Saturday May 19. The application for fish has been forward to Natural Resources.

Shad Derby - Yarn agreed to manage the event again this year. It will be held May 26.

Fish Friends - Huggard reported on this CSA project with local elementary schools. ASF is no longer supporting the program so CSA is now on its own to promote and support the work. Provincial Fisheries staff can offer some help. We are required to use Trout eggs, because of the genetic complications of using salmon roe in local rivers. Eggs should be available the end of this month, which is later than usual. Three schools are in the Program this year – Brookfield, Bible Hill and Redcliff.

Newsletter - Editor Johnson asked for suggestions and changes for the next issue – April. It was suggested that the membership application box be removed as it uses considerable space and is not very effective. Contributors were encouraged to get material to Jack ASAP.

Treasurers Report

Opening Balance - 1 Dec, 2011

  Payroll $4,624.48  
  Shell(?) Website Fees $166.60  
  Misc. $165  
Total $9,791.08  
Closing Balance   $40,283.86

On motion by Bauld /Huggard the Treasurers Report was accepted and approved as presented.

Correspondence – NSPE. These suggestions were passed on to the Booth committee. Bill’s letter attached to archive minutes.

New Business – Langille suggested that the web site information be updated.

Next directors Meeting – The next meeting will be March 13