Cobequid  Salmon  Association

Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes


May 8, 2012. 700 P.M. Room 112, Haley Institute, N.S.A.C.

Chairman – Bill Yarn
Directors – David Bauld, Wayne Forbes, Scott Langille, Dick Huggard, Jack Johnson, Don Mattinson, Robert Matheson, Robert Gunderson, Doug Byers
Regrets – Bill McCurdy, Gary McMahon, Nelson Rogers, Katharine Mott, Carl Percell, Earl Miller, Scott Robertson

The proposed Agenda was reviewed by the chair and approved as circulated (Huggard, Gunderson)

Minutes of the January 10, 2012 Meeting
By motion (Forbes/Huggard) the minutes of the last meeting were approved as circulated.

Business Arising from the Minutes :
Watershed Resource Management – Forbes reported the written portion of the Management Plan has been documented. Maps are to be completed later this year by staff from Amy Weston’s office and this will complete the Plan. It is planned to follow up with additional survey of tributaries flowing into the Little River.

Funding Opportunities and Applications – Forbes reported an application has been made to HSP totalling $38,390 for work to be completed this year. It will be at least July before a response can be expected.

Adopt-A-Stream – unofficial approval for the $19,000 requested for this year.

Shell Env. Fund – approval of $10,000 and expect to receive this in 6-8 weeks.

Colchester County – application has been made for $2000 grant. Yarn, Langille and Forbes agreed to attend next Council Meeting to make presentation on behalf of CSA.

Youth Conservation Corp. – will provide up to 75 per cent of wages for students hired for 7 weeks. This could amount to $5200 maximum.

Stewiacke / Little River Work Plan 2012 – 900 elm trees have been purchased and will be planted soon in areas of high erosion along the River.

Contractors are lined up to complete road work for material delivery. Existing structures will be checked.

Exhibition Booth – Huggard reported that the same space has been requested, but he has not received a contract – expects to soon. Suggestions welcome for the booth display. New signs will be used and it is suggested that a video presentation be incorporated into the booth – several are available on river restoration work. The Silver Donald Cameron video will be available as well.

Annual Dinner - The Chair reported on behalf of Dave Bauld that the Dinner should net CSA about the same as other years, on revenue of just over $23,000. Dave will have a full report at the next meeting.

Suggestions made by Directors included:

Relocate the podium to more central location

Sell lobster draw tickets while people waiting to be called for food

Make sure adequate supply of meal items – some ran out, eg., smoked salmon

Look into using Arctic Char next year – Huggard and Gloade agreed to get information.

Owner of the Driving Range to be contacted for a gift certificate(s) donation

Avoid politics at future dinners

Cameron Video - 'Salmon Wars' - The Chair reported that the Cameron/Hicks video preparation work should be completed by May 15. He and two others were recently filmed wetting a line in the Waughs River – to be used as background in the video.

Fisherama - Langille reported that plans were well under way for the 2012 event – to be held Saturday May 19. A new sponsor – Hunt Outdoors – has agreed to provide canteen services – hot-dogs, pop and water from a tent on site. No merchandise will be sold but rubber bracelets and gift certificates will be handed out. The firm will also provide prizes for four tagged fish.

Advertising is planned for radio, Daily News and Hub Now – posters are up now at 14 locations.

It is planned to reduce the RESP number to four this year, with a higher value. A letter will also go out to the winners outlining specific terms for the recipients to receive the RESP.

Shad Derby - Yarn reported that posters are now up for the event – May 26.

Hunt Outdoors may be interested in canteen services for the Derby – Langille has suggested this, but nothing firm yet. If not Rogers agreed to help with this aspect. Earl Miller expected to take photos again this year.

Fish Friends - Huggard reported on this CSA project with local elementary schools. Release dates this year are:

Redcliff School – May 18, 9:15 at Farnham Brook

Bible Hill School - May 31, 9:05 at Farnham Brook

Brookfield School - no release (Unfortunately, all the fish died)

Staff of Inland Fisheries will attend the two releases and provide presentations to students.

A River walk is planned for the students on June 18 and all Directors are welcome to attend.

NSSA had allocated $5000 toward a provincial coordinator for Fish Friends, but no one was found to do this work. There are 63 schools in the program this year. The Sackville River Association serves 18 schools and has hired a person full time.

Fish Farm Expansions - The Chair brought to the Directors attention a recent report he had circulated on sea-based fish farms by Dr. Roderick D. O’Sullivan - FARMED SALMON - A DREAM TURNED NIGHTMARE. After some discussion it was agreed that Johnson would approach staff of the CFIA – Bible Hill office – to seek information of the present state of farmed salmon safety inspection and monitoring.

It would appear the expansion of farms on the Eastern Shore of NS is progressing.

New Business

Huggard stated he had booked April 5, 2013 for the next CSA dinner.

Adopt-A-Stream staff are conducting a workshop on river restoration work, May 16 at Agri-Tech Park – 10AM. Directors are welcome to take part. Forbes, Huggard and Yarn plan to attend.

Treasurers Report - deferred to the next meeting.

Correspondence – none received

Next Meeting – The next meeting will be June 12


motion by Rogers, Huggard