Cobequid  Salmon  Association

Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes


August 14, 2012. 700 P.M. Room 112, Haley Institute, N.S.A.C.

Chairman – Bill Yarn
Directors – David Bauld, Wayne Forbes, Scott Langille, Dick Huggard, Jack Johnson, Don Mattinson, Robert Matheson, Robert Gunderson, Doug Byers
Guests - James Kelly, Mathew Kelly
Regrets – Bill McCurdy, Gary McMahon, Nelson Rogers, Katharine Mott, Carl Percell, Earl Miller, Scott Robertson

The proposed Agenda was reviewed by the chair and approved as circulated (Huggard, Forbes)

Minutes of the May 8, 2012 Meeting

By motion (Langille/Huggard) the minutes of the last meeting were approved as circulated.

Business Arising from the Minutes :
Funding Opportunities and Applications – Funding for CSA work this year includes:

HSP - $19,000 plus $4400 holdback

Adopt-A-Stream –$15,00 plus $5000 from last year.

Shell Env. Fund – approval of $10,000.

Colchester County –$2000 grant.

Youth Conservation Corp. – about $5200.

Contribution by Ernie Glintz (land owner) - $6000

Stewiacke River Activities - Forbes reported that the repairs to the Kiwanis Park ramp was completed.

The work behind Ernie Glintz property is about 80 % completed – an excellent summer for structural work. Some modification to the Digger logs were made at the Brentwood Bridge site. Preliminary work has started on the Upper Brookfield site, in readiness for next year.

The Chair commented that after this year’s work, CSA will have spent approximately $90,000 on about 7 Kms. of the River. Wayne Forbes and his crew were unanimously thanked by CSA Directors for their excellent work.

Exhibition Booth – Huggard has reserved the same space and location for CSA booth. Suggestions welcome for the booth display. New signs and video presentation to be incorporated into the booth. Directors were asked to help set up the booth on the weekend preceding the NSPE – starting on Sunday, August 19.

No fish will be available this year as the NSAC lost several tanks due to contamination. A staffing schedule was circulated to Directors. Some entrance passes will be available from Scott. It was agreed there be a daily draw for kid’s prizes and give-aways from NS Dept will be available.

Fund Raising - Ticket sales on-going by Directors and at NSPE booth. Scott to arrange for a central deposit for tickets sold. It was agreed that a letter be sent to all CSA members with information on the sale of tickets and the encouragement of sales and publicity. Draw to be at CSA Director’s meeting, Sept. 11, 2012.

New Business

Nelson Rogers reported that Jack Rudolph passed away about one week ago. The CSA was represented at the funeral by Yarn, Huggard and Johnson. It was moved and seconded (Huggard/Forbes) that CSA contribute $200 to the Colchester Hospital Fund. Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurers Report

Opening Balance - 1 May, 2012

Deposits - Shad Derby
                - Fisherama $550
 Payroll, Clothing $3,434.65 
 Payroll, Prizes$5,176.89 
Closing Balance - 30 June, 2012 $43,440.58

Motion (Rogers/Miller) that the Treasurer’s Report be adopted as received. Carried.


none received

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be Sept. 11


motion by Vince Pye.