Cobequid  Salmon  Association

Board of Directors - Meeting Minutes


February 13, 2013. 7: 00 P.M. Cox Institute, N.S.A.C.

Chairman – Bill Yarn

Directors – Don Mattinson, Dick Huggard, Wayne Forbes, Scott Langille, James Kelly, Mathew Kelly, Gary Robar, Jack Johnson, Robert Gunderson, David Bauld, Gary McMahon, Doug Byers

Regrets – Earl Miller, Bill McCurdy, Carl Purcell, Robert Matheson, Nelson Rogers, Vince Pye

The Agenda was reviewed by the chair and approved as circulated (Huggard/Langille)

Minutes of the January 8/2013 Meeting – By motion (McMahon/Johnson) the minutes of the last meeting were approved as circulated.

Business Arising From the Minutes

Funding Opportunities and Applications – Forbes reported on the applications by CSA for funding this year:

Adopt a Stream - $20,000.00
Environment of Canada - HSP $35,016.00
N S Habitat Fund - $15,000.00
Atlantic Salmon Conservation Fund - $15,000.00
NS Youth Conservation Corp. (3 students) - $ 9,000.00

There is nothing to report on these applications, but expect to hear results soon.

Proposals to be submitted for:

County of Colchester Grant - $ 2,000.00
County of Colchester: Insurance Help - $ $325.00
Scotiabank - $ 5,000.00

The work plan for this year to include:

Repairs to ramps damaged by winter flooding Survey on part of the Upper Brookfield end of the Litte River, by Sandy Nelson: place Work on the Kiwanis Pond ramp to relocate and anchorRiver Walk for students in Fish Friends and the CSA Directors.

Fish Friends

Huggard and Langille reported four schools will participate this year – Brookfield, Bible Hill, RedCliff, CEC. Eggs will be late this year – not available until March. Paul MacIsaac at the AC has agreed to help the CEC teacher with tank set up, etc.

Dinner Committee – 2013

Dave Bauld - The next meeting of Committee will be 19th and plans are on schedule. ScotiaBank has agreed to match the value of all tickets sold at the Bank. Prizes are needed and all welcome. Dave will be sending out an E-Mail to all members of CSA to promote the Dinner, auctions and prizes.

Two hundred sixty-seven tickets (267) are now out for sale and that should be the limit. Check with Scott if tickets needed and preferable to get them at the Bank.

AC Storage

Nothing new on this.

Home Hardware Contract - has been signed with HH for work to be done by CSA on the Expansion project at Debert, to a total of $15,089. An advance of $12,000 is expected soon.

River Walk

It was agreed to conduct a River walk in June at the time of the Fish Friends Fish Releases. The Walk will be for students and the public. A Committee of Forbes, Johnson and Bauld agreed to organize the details for the Walk.

Fish Wars Video

The Chair reported that a room is available at Douglas St. School March 7 for the Video showing.

Discussion followed and the alternative of The Marigold Centre was felt to be a better venue which could help the Centre and meet CSA needs. It was agreed there be no admission charge, but have a donation box – contents donated to the Centre.

New Business


Johnson agreed to prepare the 2013 edition for release before the Dinner. Jack requested input and suggestions from all Directors. Deadline for contributions is March 15.

Fisherama May 18

Langille will Chair the Committee this year and will be requesting help from several Directors.

The RESP prizes will be re-examined as only 50% of those awarded were taken last year. Discussion on this is needed at the next Director’s meeting.

Shad Derby May 25

Yarn has agreed to Chair Committee this year – looking for volunteers.

Earth Day Display - April 19

CSA has accepted the invitation of Gordon Pictou for CSA to have a table at the Display on April 19. Huggard agreed to look into display set-up possibilities. Director support to be discussed at next meeting.

Hunt Oudoors Request

The Chair reported that he had been approached by Hunt Outdoors with a proposal to have it contribute more to CSA this year. The details are still to be worked out but would include a package of food services for the Fisherama and the Shad Derby and possibly other forms of assistance. Directors agreed to have the Chair pursue this proposal.

Blair Flemming Benefit

Langille informed Directors of a planned benefit dance for Blair Flemming on Saturday, Feb 16 in the Upper Stewiacke Hall. By motion (Johnson/Huggard) Directors agreed to make a contribution of $200 to Blair’s benefit as a way of remembering his many services to CSA and River Watch. It will be presented Saturday night.

Treasurers Report

Opening Balance - Dec, 2012

  $ 40,405
Deposits $15,587  
  Bruce Wood - Artist $1,000.00  
  Water Test (River) $ 116.00  
  Payroll (?) $3,025.00  
  Meetings $ 372.00  
  Insurance $ 650.00  
  Miscellaneous $ 82.00  
Closing Balance   $52,769

By motion (Johnson/Langille) the Treasurer's Report was approved as reported by Treasurer, David Bauld.

Correspondence None received.

Next Directors' MeetingThe next regular meeting will be March 12, 2013

Meeting Adjourned