Directors’ Meeting


November 19, 2013. 7: 00 P.M. Room 200, Cox Institute, Agr. Campus, Dalhousie Univ.

Attendance – Chairman – Bill Yarn

Directors – James Kelly, Matthew Kelly, Paul MacIsaac, Dick Huggard, David Bauld,

Gary McMahon, Doug Byers

Regrets – Mike Kittleson, Wayne Forbes, Don Mattinson, Steve Gloade, Scott Langille

Agenda - By motion (Mathew Kelly/ MacIsaac) the agenda was approved as circulated.

Minutes of the September 10, 2013 Meeting

By motion (D Huggard / Paul MacIsaac) the minutes of the last meeting were approved as circulated.


Stewiacke River Work Plan - The Chair reported that all staff had been laid off, with the exception of Forbes. He has been preparing proposals for submission to various funding sources. A report on the Galloping Brook work (Home Hardware project) and for other funding agencies on the 2013 work have been prepared.

We need to determine the date for the County Council meeting, when CSA proposal will be considered.

Outstanding payments for the work:

HH 3030

Adaopt A Str 4000

Env 22,000

Total 32,880

It was suggested that reports prepared for agencies be circulated to the Directors. The Chair indicated that reports could be made available to anyone interested.

Fish friends –No report received from Scott. The Chair stated that Scott has requested he be relieved of FF duties for six months due to family needs. Mathew agreed to be a contact person for F F and Paul agreed to look after the tank needs.

Also, at Scotts request James and Paul agreed to assume responsibility for the Fisherama 2014 planning.

Home Hardware Project - The chair indicated that a final inspection of the work on the Galloping Brook had been completed and was found to be very satisfactory. The inspectors, Pat Shepard and Jack O’Neil, were impressed with the positive results – many more trout are to be seen in the Brook. CSA has not been asked specifically to continue the screen monitoring – we need to check on this. This is a good source of revenue - $900/month....

CSA Video – In Scott’s absence MacIsaac presented a report on discussion of the Committee and a proposal for work this year - circulated and attached to official minutes.

The target is to have something available for use at the Dinner in April of 2014.

NSPE Booth – Dave Bauld has made an offer to purchase the booth lumber for $100.

Directors agreed to this sale to Dave.

Prize Draws - Winners were: Nathan Gates 893-1301

Oscar Thompson 843-0543

Luca Langille 305-2634

Land and Sea Program – the Chair reported that the video of work on the Stewiacke now will be aired in January.

Web site – James Kelly indicated he hoped to meet with teachers at CEC before Feb 1, the beginning of the new semester. Mike will continue as web master for a while. He has no problem with a change in operation.

Dinner Committee – Huggard reported that Jenkins Hall has been booked for April 4, 2014. Committee meetings will begin in January with Dave Bauld as Chair. There is a need to explore sources for salmon.

CSA Promotion - By motion (James Kelly / Huggard) Kelly be authorized to purchase 1000 bags @ 1.50 plus tax, to be coloured black or dark blue and printed with the CSA logo.

Carried. The bags to be used as give-aways at various CSA events.

Treasurer’s Report

Dave Bauld presented the report for July to September 30.

July August September

Opening Balance 61,011 55,600 69,213

Receipts 4,750 20,139 100

(Grant & HH) (Grant) (Booth Wood)

Disbursements 10,161 6,526 8,979

(Payroll & NSSA) (Payroll & River) (Payroll & River)

Ending Balance 55,600 69,213 60,334

Bauld reported that most funds have now been moved from TD Bank to Scotiabank and the TD account will soon be closed.

By motion (Bauld/McMahon) the Treasurer’s Report was received as presented. Carried

New Business

Paul reported that there is now a storage cage assigned to CSA – In the basement of Haley Institute Building. Volunteers are requested to help move CSA files and other material to this new storage.

Paul also reported that there is to be a DFO meeting in Margaree on Nov 13. Jim Dustin and Don Maclean have been invited to attend. The session concerns the restocking of river in CBI and NS mainland. DFO closed the nursery and questions whether there is any interest by private parties to continue the nursery operations. It is recognized that there is still a need for restocking but many questions persist as to how this can happen in future. Paul and the Chair agreed to follow this meeting and report any outcomes.

A new postal mailing address for CSA was announced:

P O Box 25047

Truro, N S B2N 7B8

The box is located at MacQuarries Pharmacy.

Correspondence – None received.

Next Directors Meeting –

The next meeting will be January 14, 2014.

Meeting Adjourned - moved by James kelly