Directors’ Meeting


January 14, 2014 7: 00 P.M. Room 200, Cox Institute,

Agr. Campus, Dalhousie Univ.

Attendance – Chairman – Bill Yarn

Directors – James Kelly, Matthew Kelly, Dick Huggard, David Bauld,

Don Mattinson, Wayne Forbes, Robert Matheson, Vince Pye, Gary Robar, Doug Byers

Guest – Gary Grant

Regrets – Paul MacIsaac, Mike Kittleson, Steve Gloade

Agenda - By motion (Huggard/Forbes) the agenda was approved as circulated.

The Chair introduced and welcomed Gary Grant to the meeting and he indicated his interest in the Portipique River.

Minutes of the November 13, 2013 Meeting

By motion (M Kelly/Pye) the minutes of the last meeting were approved as circulated.


Stewiacke River Work Plan - Forbes proposed that work would continue on the Little River in the spring. There are 46 structures in place and some will require major repair or maintenance. Agreement has been reached to partner with the Mi’kmaw Conservation Group on joint projects through labour sharing and planning. The Native Group has applied for 3 grants for 2014 work. The CSA applications will indicate our partnering agreement for some projects.

Forbes was asked to look into the ramp situation in the Kinsman Pond. Perhaps it will need replacing.

Funding Applications - Forbes reported he had a negative response from the Shell proposal. Other applications to funding sources should be heard from soon. The Colchester County Grant deadline is Jan 30 and someone from CSA needs to attend the meeting of Council when proposals and insurance subsidies are considered. Forbes is exploring the Green Grant program by Walmart.

Year-end accounting is completed for the 2013 work year and reports are submitted to agencies. About $21,100 in hold backs is outstanding.

Fish friends – Mathew Kelly has agreed to be a contact person for Fish Friends this year; Paul MacIsaac agreed to look after the tank needs. Kelly indicated not much has been done to date but expected to be in touch with teachers soon to plan this year’s program. Scott Langille will be sending information from last year to show what is required.

Home Hardware Project - The chair indicated that there is still a hold back of $3,130 but it should be coming soon. There is also $1700 owing on the monitoring work by CSA – this was cut off in December.

CSA Video – In MacIsaac’s absence Byers reported Paul is preparing a draft presentation to show Directors at the next meeting.

Web site – James Kelly reported that nothing will happen at CEC this year. CSA will need to prepare a proposal for the next school year so the project can be considered for the School’s program. Mike will continue as web master for a while.

Land and Sea Program – the Chair reported that the video of the show is linked to our web site. It may be put on YouTube at some future date. There are two more Land and Sea programs to come which are of interest – one is on the aquaculture industry.

CSA Promotion – James Kelly demonstrated a prototype of the new CSA carry bag which has been ordered in black – 1000 bags at $1.50 plus tax.

Dinner Committee – Dave Bauld as Chair reported that the Committee had met to plan the April 4 Dinner. It was agreed the tickets would be $40 this year. They will be available within a couple of weeks. It is planned to have land based farm salmon, if available; if not, Arctic Char will be served. Bauld encouraged Directors to canvas for prizes and auction items. The format of the evening is expected to be about the same.

Treasurer’s Report

Dave Bauld presented the report for October and November, 2013.

Opening Balance 60,145

Receipts 22,543 (Home Hardware and Agency Grants)

Disbursements 21,245

Terry Cons. 4230

Ditch Doctor 3795

Payroll & Expenses 11,920

Quebec Sporting 1300

Ending Balance 61,443

Bauld reported that all funds have now been moved from TD Bank to Scotiabank and the TD account is closed.

By motion (J Kelly/Matheson) the Treasurer’s Report was received as presented. Carried

New Business – Bauld called attention to an article in the Halifax paper about the Cape Split/Scots Bay Tidal Power project. There is growing concern for the environmental impacts. A public consultation meeting is to be held in February. It was agreed CSA should be represented at the meeting to see what implications there would be for fish stock in the Bay.

Correspondence - The Chair referred to the E-Mail letter of January 5 received from Peter Salonius – follow-up to the Land and Sea broadcast. He enclosed a good deal of the research he has done on the farm versus wild salmon issues. Directors requested that this information be recirculated. The Chair agreed to follow up with a response to the Salonius letter.

Next Directors Meeting –

The next meeting will be Feb 11, 2014.

Meeting Adjourned - moved by Mathew Kelly