Directors’ Meeting


November 12, 2014 7: 00 P.M. Room 200, Cox Institute,

Agricultural Campus, Dalhousie Univ.

Chairman – Bill Yarn

Directors – James Kelly, Paul MacIsaac, Dick Huggard, Steve Gloade, Wayne

Forbes, Dave Bauld, Don Mattinson, Doug Byers

Regrets –Sana Kavanaugh,

Agenda - By motion (Huggard/MacIsaac) the agenda was approved as circulated.

Minutes of Sept. 9, 2014 Meeting - By motion (Kelly/MacIsaac) the minutes of the the last meeting were approved as circulated.

The Chair noted that there was no meeting in October.

Guest Speakers - The Chair introduced Bob Short and Pat Wall of Wild Salmon Unlimited (WSU), who gave a presentation on the purpose and activities of this new organization. Staring from a base of interest in Cape Breton WSU was created about eight months ago to encourage the placing of smolts in the salmon rivers of the province.

Several river support groups have been visited by Bob and Pat to explain the purpose of the WSU, to seek support and to request group and individual memberships. An association membership is $200 and this comes with a seat on the WSU Board. They would like to have at least a letter of support and a partnership/membership if possible. There are 40 founding members to date and 8 are left, at the special discount.

So far, the group has approached Jim Duston at the AC and he has provided estimates of costs – there has also been discussion on having celts(?) raised at this facility. It is hoped to have the first smolts placed in rivers by 2017. The intent is to apply to DFO for permission to do this in the Medway and Grand Rivers....possibly the North River. The Chair thanked Bob and Pat for their presentation and indicated the Directors would discuss their proposal and inform them of the outcome.

Business Arising From Minutes

Stewiacke River Restoration - Forbes

Work is completed for this year; reports are being prepared for the various funding agencies. New proposals are being prepared for the work expected next year. Six sites are proposed for structures which will complete restoration needs up to the Golf Course, Brookfield. Next year, there is to be an agreement with the Mi’kmaq Conservation Group (MCG) for CSA staff to do electric seining and monitoring of a smolt wheel for the MCG. As well, the MCG has agreed to provide back-up staff for CSA if needed for restoration work.

Kiwanis Park Wheel Chair Ramp

This fall there was no activity on repairs to the ramp. Levelling is a first priority. It was suggested that the Town officials be approached to see what plans there are for this issue....could there be Town funds available to help with the repairs? No work to be done until the spring of 2015.

Fish Friends

Scott Langille indicated that he is not able to take the lead on this activity for this year. James Kelly agreed to assume responsibility for the program.

CSA Dinner

Scheduled for March 20, 2015 at Jenkins Hall. Dave Bauld agreed to take the lead on this activity. Discussion followed on what type of fish to serve. The possibility of land based Atlantic Salmon being purchased from the Namgis First Nation fish farm in B.C. is to be explored.

Exhibition Booth – Follow-up

Nothing reported.

Web Site

No responses from Directors were received by Michael McAdam. He requires input. Suggestions should be forwarded to Mike at


MacIsaac reported that this a work in progress and available for CSA activities.


Bauld reported that he talked to two insurance companies about CSA insurance needs – 1. general liability for events or work projects, and 2. officer/directors liability.

Companies approached were Caldwell/Roach and the Cooperators. Premiums for general liability coverage at $2 million were about the same, but the officer liability insurance rates were quite different for the two firms.

Motion (Kelly/MacIsaac) that CSA purchase a $2 million general liability policy from The Cooperators at a premium of $500 per year and that the policy be in effect ASAP. Motion was passed.

Expense card

The Chair reported that he had talked to Randy Jolly, Scotiabank, about CSA getting an organization card that can be used by Directors for event expenses. There is no response as yet.

Alton Natural Gas

As follow up to the last meeting discussion the company was contacted. An e-mail message was received from an ANG official offering to provide information. The Chair will attempt to have someone from the company attend a future Directors’ Meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer, Dave Bauld, presented his report for July, August and September.

Opening Balance - 1 Dec, 2011

  Payroll $4,624.48  
  Shell(?) Website Fees $166.60  
  Misc. $165  
Total $9,791.08  
Closing Balance   $40,283.86

July August September Total

$ $ $ $

Opening Balance - chequing 11,548 9,782 14,383

- savings 91,484 81,554 106,619

103,032 91,336 121,002 103,032

Receipts 10,000 25,065 15,020 (Int.) 239

70 44,259 84 (Grants) 44,259

Disbursements 11,766 14,658 15,422 41,846

10,000 25,000 15,000

Ending Balance Chequing 9,782 14,383 13,981

Savings 81,554 106,619 91,703

91,336 121,002 105,684 105,684

Disbursements Ditch Dr 3,220 3,220

Payroll 10,880 9,219 10,165 30,264

Clean NS 2,037 2,037

Dave MacLeod 500 500

Wildflower 1,777 1,777

J Terrence Cox 886 3,162 4,048

11,766 14,685 15,422 41,846

By motion (Bauld/Huggard) – carried – the Treasurer’s Report was approved as presented.

The treasurer informed Directors that CSA may be questioned by the Canadian Revenue Agency about filing an Non-profit Org. tax return. Dave has been informed that other organizations have been asked to do so.

New Business

Wild Salmon Unlimited

Motion (Huggard/MacIsaac) that the CSA become an association member of WSU and that a letter of support be prepared. After a short discussion the motion was passed, and the Chair was authorized to pay the $200 membership fee. It was suggested that the support letter be copied to the local political representatives at all levels as a means of information and show of CSA support for WSU.

It was also proposed that CSA could participate financially at some future stage of WSU activities.

ARFAC Meeting

Forbes reported that he had attended the recent meeting in Truro, however, there was very little discussion on wild salmon issues.

Salmon Release

Adult salmon were recently released into local rivers by DFO.

Salmon R. 226

Stewiacke R. 148

Eldridge Plaque

It was reported that the plaque for Don Eldridge at the Kiwanis Pond was stolen.

Directors agreed that a new plaque should be purchased and reinstalled.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of Directors will be Jan. 13, 2015.