Directorsí Meeting


January 13, 2015 -7:00 P.M. Room 200,
Cox Institute, Agriculture Campus, Dalhousie University

Attendance -
Chairman - Bill Yarn
Directors - James Kelly, Sana Kavanaugh, Dick Huggard, Wayne
Forbes, Dave Bauld, Don Mattinson, Gary Robart, Gary McMahon, Doug Byers
Regrets - Paul MacIsaac, Steve Gloade

Minutes of November 12 Meeting
- By motion (McMahan/Robar) the minutes of the last meeting were approved as circulated and corrected - some typos.

The Chair noted that there was no meeting in December.

Business Arising From Minutes

Stewiacke River Restoration - Forbes
Work for this year is expected to be similar to last year plus the cooperative work with MCG - monitoring a smolt wheel and electric seining.
New proposals are being prepared for funding agencies based on the work expected next year - HST, Adopt-A-Stream, Youth Conservation Corps, Recreational Fisheries, Atl. Salmon Conservation. The proposals' value is about $112,000. Wayne hopes to get at least three quarters of this amount approved.

Kiwanis Park Wheel Chair Ramp
The Chair reported that he had spoken to Town officials (Anthony ) to see what plans there are for repairs. He indicated the Town was prepared to help and for CSA to contact him again in the spring when work could done. Wayne agreed to call him at this time.

Fish Friends -
James reported the following response from schools for this year's program:
Brookfield - no teacher interested
Bible Hill - yes
Redcliff - yes
CEC - yes
Truro Elementary - possible

James suggested that CSA should have a Director or two available for a presentation to the classes at the time the eggs are put in the tanks. Neither James nor Paul are able to do this due to work schedules.

CSA Dinner -
Scheduled for March 20, 2015 at Jenkins Hall. Dave Bauld requested any Directors interested in helping, stay after this meeting to discuss details for the Dinner. Discussion centred on what fish should be served and Directors agreed that on-land farm salmon is preferred, followed by Artic Char as an alternative. The Chair to check on costs for the two options. Bauld has information on a BC source for the farmed salmon.

Bauld reported that he has purchased a general liability policy from the Cooperators Ins. Co. at a cost of $500 per year. CSA to explore the assistance for insurance available from the County of Colchester - which is up to 50 per cent of the premium cost.

Expense card
Bauld reported that a card is on the way from Scotiabank - a Visa card with a $5000 limit. The Bank requires that CSA purchase a GIC paying 1.88% as security for the card.

Eldridge Plaque - discussion followed on what type of plaque be purchased to replace the one stolen from the Kiwanis park. The original was thought to be a brass plaque made in Truro.... Chair agreed to look into possibilities for having a plaque made and suggest what materials might be used.

Wild Salmon Unlimited
The Chair reported that CSA is now a member of WSU - cost of $200. A thank you message was received and recent activities included additional establishment activities, talking to organizations, etc. Bob Short and Pat Wall expect to make a presentation to NSSA Quarterly meeting which is coming up soon.

Alton natural Gas
The Chair is trying to get an official from the company to attend the AGM meeting in the spring - possibly Dave Barret. Directors suggested the project has expanded considerably from the original proposals. While Environmental approval has been received there are many conditions and the company now has to show how these conditions will be met and monitored. Directors indicated they should have some expertise available to council Directors on issues and scientific background on environmental impacts.

New Business

Facebook Page - Sana spoke of the need for CSA to have a Face Book page as another way for the organization to communicate with members, other similar organizations and the public. She indicated that the MCG has had good results from the use of Social Media, such as Face Book. We would be able to link the Page with our web site. Despite some concerns for personal and public security, the Directors agreed to proceed with the establishment of a CSA Face Book page. Sana agreed to get this started.

Newsletter - after discussion about responsibility for this activity (J. Johnson has stepped down!) it was agreed that Mike McAdam be asked to take this on for a fee, to be negotiated. Target for publication should be before the Dinner.

Canoe - the Chair reported that Dave Hamilton had agreed to make a canoe for CSA. Based on this, tickets were sold last year and a draw was held in early fall. When no canoe was available the winner was paid $1500. The issue - Mr Hamilton was paid $1500 in advance! Attempts to reclaim the Advance provided no response. Now he is not answering telephone calls or E-Mails. After discussing the options, including Small Claims Court, the Directors agreed that Mr Hamilton be sent a registered letter on behalf of CSA requesting the repayment of the Advance before a reasonable date.

Storage Room Clean-up - Kelly suggested that a team of volunteers tackle the clean-up and organization of the storage room in the Basement of Haley Institute.

Treasurer's Report
The Treasurer, Dave Bauld, presented his report for October, November and December, 2014.

October November December $ $ $

Opening Balance 105,684 100,233 91,980

Deposits 71 1,374 60

Expenses 5,522 9,627 4,756

Ending Balance 100,233 91,980 87,284

Expenses payroll 5,142 5,712
Ditch Doctor 1,512
J Terrance Cox 380 2,403
5,522 9,627 4,756

Nov (open) Dec 1 (open) Dec 31(close)
Chequing 13,530 10,205 15,450
Savings 86,703 81,774 71,834
-------- -------- --------
$100,233 / $91,979 / $87,284

Bauld mentioned that expenditures were down in 2014, mainly due to lower payroll costs and there were some materials carried over in inventory from 2013.

By motion (Huggard/Mattinson) the Treasurer's Report was approved as presented.

Next Meeting - The next meeting of Directors will be Feb 10, 2015.