Directorsí Meeting


February 10, 2015 -7:00 P.M. Room 200,
Cox Institute, Agriculture Campus, Dalhousie University

Attendance -
Chairman - Bill Yarn
Directors - James Kelly, Dave Bauld, Gary Robar, Gary McMahon,
Don Mattinson, Doug Byers
Regrets - Paul MacIsaac, Wayne Forbes, Dick Huggard, Scott Langille

Agenda - By motion (McMahon/Kelly) the circulated Agenda was approved.

Minutes of January 13 Meeting - By motion (McMahon/Kelly) the minutes of the last meeting were approved as circulated

Business Arising From Minutes

Stewiacke River Restoration - Forbes
The Chair reported that Wayne has submitted all the funding applications for this year. Two hold-backs from the 2014 work have not been received and are expected
to be in hand by June.

Fish Friends -
James reported the following response from schools for this year's program:
Brookfield - not participating this year. Last year's teacher has moved to Truro Elementary.
It was agreed that James ask Brookfield School to lend its tank to the Truro School for this year.
Bible Hill - yes Redcliff - yes CEC - yes
Truro Elementary - possible, if tank available.
Eggs are expected to placed in tanks after the School March break.
The Chair reported on a call from the Middle Musquidoboit Environment Interpretation Centre asking for inclusion in the program this year. It was agreed it should be included and provided with eggs for its display.

Fisherama - Concern was expressed about the three RESP's awarded ($250 each) and nothing done to set these up for the winners. Contact for this is Mrs kenney at Scotiabank.

CSA Fundraiser Dinner -
Scheduled for March 20, 2015 at Jenkins Hall. Dave Bauld reported that the tickets are printed and ready for sale. Scotiabank has agreed to sell them again and match value for tickets sold by the bank. Directors can pick up tickets from Bill or Dave.
Please try to get an E-Mail address on the tickets sold.
One committee meeting was held and auction items/prizes are being solicited. It is not possible to get land-based farm salmon this year so have to look at alternatives - Arctic Char, Rainbow Trout (Sustainable Blue), etc. There will an Early Bird draw for ticket purchased before March 2. The prize is 2 tickets to next year's Dinner or comparable value.

Expense Card
Bauld reported that two Visa cards were received from Scotiabank - with a $5000 limit on the account. The Bank required that CSA purchase a GIC paying 1.88% as security for the account. A card may be requested for a Director's use at CSA events.

Eldridge Plaque - the original plaque was 8x6 inches and made of brass. Robar agreed to research the Truro maker and see if replacement possible.

Face Book Page - No report from Sana - Directors discussed the need for waivers from individuals when they appear in pictures used publicly on the social media or in displays.

Alton Natural Gas Project
The Chair is trying to get an official from the company to attend the AGM meeting in the spring - possibly Dave Barret. Directors reported that there is a telephone survey in progress now - in the Alton - Stewiacke area. Questions concern the impact and feelings of residents about the project.

Newsletter -Mike McAdam was asked to take this on for a fee; he agreed but said he could not do it before the Dinner. The Chair requested Directors to submit articles to Mike. McMahon suggested he had some material about the Counting Fence project on the Stewiacke - early 90's - and the results of the 1994 flood.

Canoe - the Chair reported that he had sent a registered letter to Dave Hamilton requesting the return of the $!500 advance. No reply has been received. If none received soon it was agreed CSA submit a claim to Small Claims Court.

Storage Room Clean-up - No action to date.

Treasurer's Report
The Treasurer, Dave Bauld, presented his report for January. 2015.

Savings Chequing Total $ $ $

Opening Balance 71,896 15,442 87,338
Deposits 49 3,200 3,249
Withdrawals GIC Scotiabank (5,000) (5,000)
Other (5) (3,831) (3,836)
_______ _______ ________
Ending Balance 69,940 14,811 81,751

(Withdrawals were mainly payroll and deductions)
By motion (Mattinson/Kelly) the Treasurer's Report was approved as presented.

Information - The Chair reported that the Spruce Bud Worm is reported to be returning by next year. The insect appears on a forty year cycle and 1976 was the last reported serious outbreak. Quebec now has a full-on infection and there are reports of the pest in New Brunswick. Planning is needed to deal with an out-break in Nova Scotia, but nothing firm yet. The last incident resulted in a loss of 1.2 million acres of forest - like a huge clear-cut, with the same side effects. Balsam fir stands are the most susceptible.

Next Meeting - The next meeting of Directors will be March 10, 2015.