Directors' Meeting
April 14th, 2015 7: 00 P.M. Room 200,
Cox Institute, Agr. Campus, Dalhousie Univ.



Attendance -
Chairman - Bill Yarn
Directors - James Kelly, Dave Bauld, Gary McMahon, Paul MacIsaac, Wayne Forbes, Sana Kavanagh
Guest - Jim Dustin

Agenda - By motion (MacIsaac/Forbes) the circulated Agenda was approved.

Minutes of March 10th Meeting - By motion (Yarn/McMahon) the minutes of the last meeting were approved as circulated.

Business Arising From Minutes

Stewiacke River Restoration - All is on track and work will begin when weather allows, looking at some time in May. Grant from NSSA declined.

Fish Friends - All eggs were delivered and actually hatched same day. Paul is going to look into cost of another tank to have on hand in the event another school wishes to become involved in program. Bill had put forth motion at NSSA meeting to have funds available for program and $5000.00 was approved. This is total to be used for all side groups such as our selves. Paul is taking food to all schools involved and we should be looking at relese dates of 1st and 2nd week of June. James emailing parties for update for next meeting.

Fisherama - Contacts are starting to be made and all is falling into place. Signs will be made up and put up in various locations. Bill to confirm with Hunt Outdoors in regards to doing the BBQ again.

Shad Derby - May 23rd, Birch Hill, posters have been given out to be placed in various locations.

CSA Dinner - 176 tickets sold, nice workable crowd. Looks like approx. $15000.00 was made again. Date as been moved to later in April for next year.

Eldridge Plaque - the original plaque was 8x6 inches and made of brass. Robar agreed to research the Truro maker and see if replacement possible. Gary is going to follow up again.
March 10th, no update as Gary Robar was not present.

Face Book Page - Still in works with Sana, Paul going to provide pictures from slide show.

Alton Natural Gas - Guest Jim Dustin was at meeting to give us some information as he has been working with contractor since the beginning. If all follows through with what is being said and what is being done, things should work but only time will tell.

Newsletter - Complete and being distributed.

Canoe - the Chair reported that he had sent a registered letter to Dave Hamilton requesting the return of the $!500 advance. Letter was returned unopened, chair is starting small claims process. Claim has now been opened.

Storage Room Clean-up - No action to date.

Treasurer's Report
The Treasurer, Dave Bauld, presented his report for February. 2015.

Savings / Chequing Totals:
Opening Balance $14607.00 $61978.00 $76585.00
Deposits $29883.00 $5036.00 $34919.00
Withdrawals $16793.00 $16793.00
Ending Balance $279697.00 $67014.00 $94711.00
Withdrawals made up of payroll and dinner expenses.

By motion (MacIsaac/Forbes) the Treasurer's Report was approved as presented.

Next Meeting - The next meeting of Directors will be Tuesday, May 12th - Cox Institute, Room 200, 7pm to 9pm
By motion (MacIsaac/Kelly) meeting was adjourned.


Prepared by James Kelly
CSA Director


b)      Shad Derby (Yarn) -  Another successful Derby held this year.  Twenty-nine entrants enjoyed an excellent fishing day. Thanks to Nelson for providing cooking skills for the BBQ.

A negative note was the loss of a port-a-potty (stolen) after the event.  RCMP to be provided with a list of participants for its investigation.  CSA may be liable for the cost of replacement.


c)      Citizen’s Monitoring Committee (Gunderson) – Nothing new to report.


d)      Forest Alliance – There will be a partnership meeting later this month.


e)      Exhibition – Space is booked - $600 +tax.  Raffle/Prizes – Canoe has been ordered, Bruce Wood illustration for 2nd prize, tying vice for 3rd prize (Nelson Rogers). Posters are printed.  Tickets distributed to Directors. It was agreed that staffing of booth be in 6 hour shifts. Passes may be available for booth staff.  Agreed to advertize the 2 ½ HP Yamaha motor for sale at $850.


Project Proposals – Summer Plans

Adopt-A-Stream application has been approved with funding of $13,000 this year. Paper work remains to be completed. It will include work on the Creamery Brook and others to be identified.


Endowment Fund (Purcell)

The provincial Committee met about a month ago and 4 projects were approved – total of $50,000.  The central Committee will meet this weekend to consider 13 applications.  Deadline for next year applications is Nov. 15/08


Wild Atlantic Salmon Policy

           Comments from local meetings were taken to the Advisory Committee group.  A report is now being prepare by DFO.  There is $10 million available from Federal govt.

           Inner Bay of Fundy Group working on the life cycle of salmon – first study since 2003.  Hopes to release a Recovery Plan by year end.  The year 2010 will be key year for decisions on Inner Bay Salmon Recovery.

           At ASF May meeting concern was raised for a meeting with the DFO minister.  There are hopes for a half day meeting soon.


Correspondence – none


New Business –

New Ideas – Chair suggested that we should be considering potential trips for the Directors,

and how to involve younger people in CSA.

Planning Committee – the NSSA now has a long term strategy.  We need to look at this as a guide or model for future CSA direction.


Other –

The Chair reported that George Ferguson and Carl Purcell have received the Happy Fraser Award for their contributions to Atlantic Wild Salmon sector.

Jack Johnson reported that Bill Yarn was recently recognized by the Town of Truro for long term service to the community.  His name had been put forward by Jack on behalf of CSA.


Next meeting  - August 12, 2008 at the usual location.

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