Directorsí Meeting

May 12, 2015, 7: 00 P.M., Room 260
Cox Institute, Agr. Campus, Dalhousie Univ.

Attendance -
Bill Yarn, James Kelly, Dave Bauld, Gary Robart, Dick Huggard, Gary McMahon,
Don Mattinson, Paul MacIsaac, Wayne Forbes, Doug Byers

Agenda - By motion (MacIsaac/Kelly) the circulated Agenda was approved.

Minutes of January 13 Meeting - By motion (Forbes/MacIsaac) the minutes of the last meeting were approved as circulated

Business Arising From Minutes

Stewiacke River Restoration - Forbes

Wayne reported on the installation of a smolt wheel by the MCG. CSA staff and Directors helped to put it in place - a 7 hour job. CSA staff will assist MCG in the monitoring, smelt counts and sampling. This will be on weekends - 9:30 AM - to weigh smolts and take scale samples. This will go on for 5 to 6 weeks. Training will be provided for CSA volunteers.
Work on structures has not begun - water level of the River is too high and water is cold. Some work may be possible next week.
Success of the funding applications has been good this year. Approvals to date are:

Youth Conservation Corps 2 students 8,000
Adopt-A-Stream 20,000
H S P 42,000
R F - DFO 25,000
Total $95,000

All the year-end (2014) reports have been completed and submitted. All cheques should be received very soon.
CSA should be able to hire one or two more students. Six structures are scheduled for this year, along with electro-seining at 22 sites and assistance with a study of some of the pools - water temps, food supplies, etc.

Fish Friends -

James reported there are four tanks in schools and there has been very little mortality this year. The releases will be the week of June 9th. James and Paul raised the issue of the use of pictures taken at various CSA events. It is very important to have permission from individuals in pictures if they are used in public media - internet, posters and so on.

Fisherama -

Preparation is well underway for the event on May 16. Prizes have been donated from several sponsors, publicity has included poster, radio interviews, Truro News, signs in schools and a nice partnership with Big Brothers and Sisters should result in 26 to 30 "big ones and little ones" coming on Saturday. Signs at the Pond will be erected on Thursday along with the placement of the net. Question of Hunt Outdoors doing the food this year and CSA Directors may have to run the food booth...... The fish will arrive on Friday about 10AM. Volunteers are required for the Thursday and Friday preparation and for help on Saturday. DFO and NS Natural resources staff should be on hand to help with security at the Pond.

Shad Derby -

to be held May 23 with usual venue and schedule. Yarn, Mattinson and James will be on site and anyone else is welcome to help. CSA will do the food booth this year. It was suggested that the shad caught be donated to the Raptor Rescue.

Eldridge Plaque - nothing new

Alton Natural Gas
This project has slowed down considerably - some of the pressure is off for a meeting with ANG staff.

Hamilton Recovery(?) - the Chair received an E-Mail proposing a payment of $500.00 now and the rest later. Bauld suggested a reply requesting Hamilton provide post dated cheques for the balance.

Storage - no action to date; MacIsaac suggested a work session to clean out the dated material.

Annual Meeting - agreed to hold the AGM in early June. The Chair will obtain a special speaker. Dick will be the Nominating Committee. Agreed that a notice be sent out to all the membership -

Treasurer's Report
The Treasurer, Dave Bauld, presented his report for April. 2015.

Savings Chequing Total $ $ $

Opening Balance 67,014 27,697 94,711
Deposits 39 603 642
Withdrawals (3754) (3754)
Transfers 10,000 (10,000)
_______ _______ ________
Ending Balance $77,053 $14,546 $91,599

Deposits - County insurance grant - $403 McKay - $200
Withdrawals - Dinner Expenses - $1575 +
Spring Newsletter - $ 459 + postage

By motion (Kelly/Huggard) the Treasurer's Report was approved as presented.

Exhibition Booth - Huggard indicated there may be changes at the NSPE this year. Does CSA wish to have the same Booth location? Several possible locations were discussed and Directors agreed on having two booth sites, and the location be left to Huggard's discretion.

Next Meeting - The next meeting of Directors will be the AGM


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