Directors' Meeting
Sept 08, 2015 7: 00 P.M. Room 200 ,
Cox Institute, Agr. Campus, Dalhousie Univ.



Attendance -
Chairman - Bill Yarn
Directors - James Kelly, Gary Robart, Dick Huggard, Jamie Webb,
Sana Kavanagh, Paul MacIsaac, Chris Nelson, Gary McMahon, Doug Byers
Regrets - Dave Bauld, Wayne Forbes, Robert Matheson, Don Mattinson

Agenda - By motion (McMahon/Kelly) the circulated Agenda was approved, with the additions of - Fisherama RRSPs. CSA Banner.

Minutes of August Meeting - By motion (MacIsaac/Huggard) the minutes of the last meeting were approved as circulated.

Business Arising From Minutes

Exhibition - Feedback from Directors indicated a lot of interest in the booth this year and the location seemed more favourable. There were a few issues - fewer venders were noted in the Industrial building which may have decreased flow through; very noisy events in the building on Friday and Saturday nights resulted in early closings of booths. Perhaps another building be requested next year. Huggard mentioned the NSPE management is aware of CSA concerns and they will be discussed at next Mgt meeting.
Follow-up required:
1. Ardith Hunt requested a camel cap for her son - agreed to order one before Xmas 2. Bluenose Custom Rods and Tackle has hand made rods for sale - agreed to buy one for the Dinner auction.
3. A teacher from Brookfield Elementary is interested in Fish Friends tank for 2016.
4. A copy of the Newsletter should be put in each bag and the website address should be printed on the bag.

Draw for Rods 1. Isaac Hayman, Truro
2. Nathan Ponza. Lower Sackville
3. Emma Verge, Truro
Spare - Jordon ? - New Glasgow

Suggested that next year CSA offer fly gear for the draw.

River Restoration - The Chair reported that recent focus has been on habitat assessment, including water sampling on Little River and Brandy Brook.
As follow-up to the Kimber report on water samples, the Chair said he talked to Kimber and there was agreement that Wayne would take three new samples. He would get the results to MacIsaac for assessment.

Eldridge Plaque - Robar indicated a suitable write-up had been done and the new plaque was being made.

Stewiacke River Smolt Wheel - Sana reported on the MCG sponsored Wheel activities - see last meeting minutes for result data. The Wheel was in the River two full months. Some 50 smolt samples were put in up-stream to determine per cent of repeat catches. It proved to be up to 30 per cent. There was no weekend work this year because no qualified person available 7 days a week. It may be possible to do this next year. Sana indicated the location was appropriate and may be used again next year. On a question about training staff, Sana indicated that permit approvals are not easy as DFO determines who receives training. Sana thanked CSA Directors for their support and input to the project.

Quad County Stocking Committee (QCSC) - The Chair reported there will be a meeting of the committee near the end of September and he would have more to report after this.

Recognition - Certificates have been prepared for retiring Directors - Robert Gunderson, Scott Langille, and Matthew Kelly. These will be delivered with a covering letter from the President.

Treasurer's Report - no report received.

New Business

Fisherama RRSPs - Kelly reported of the three RRSPs awarded this year only one winner claimed the award. Perhaps CSA should consider another type of award. James suggested a $1000 scholarship for a CEC student intending to attend Dalhousie AC. Dick and Doug agreed to obtain information about setting up such a scholarship at Dal.

CSA Banner - MacIsaac proposed that CSA consider using a banner hung on Truro street to promote its activities. The Chair agreed to look into this with town officials.

2016 CSA Dinner - the date now set for April 22 at the usual venue. It was agreed to order the fish from Sustainable Blue.

DFO Salmon Stocking - Sana noted that DFO will be stocking sometime in November. Directors agreed to help with this and Sana will inform us the specific dates and locations.

Correspondence - nil

Next Meeting - The next meeting of Directors will be November 10

Adjournment - By motion (MacIsaac/McMahon) the meeting was adjourned.

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