Directors' Meeting
Nov. 10, 2015 7: 00 P.M. Room 200 ,
Cox Institute, Agr. Campus, Dalhousie Univ.

Attendance -
Chairman - Bill Yarn
Directors - James Kelly, Gary Robar, Dick Huggard, Jamie Webb,
Sana Kavanagh, Paul MacIsaac, Hedley Fulton, Dave Bauld, Wayne Forbes, Doug Byers
Regrets - Don Mattinson

Minutes of September Meeting - By motion (MacIsaac/Huggard) the minutes of the last meeting were approved as circulated with change to item on the Smolt Wheel - should be ....up to 30 per cent recovery rate depending on the day.

Business Arising From Minutes

River Restoration - Wayne reported on a good year for the River restoration work. Five structures were planned and four were completed. Water samples were taken regularly and some special sampling was done as a follow-up to Kimber's report. Daily assistance was provided to the Smelt Wheel team and habitat assessments were done on the remaining portions of the River. Most of the funding will be used by end of season. Discussion followed on the need for publicity on the work completed - some 13 or 14 kms of River improvement in recent years. Ideas included - article in the Atlantic journal, video documentary, walking tours, and a page in the NR Handbook.

Water Testing - Wayne reported that as a follow-up to work of Kimber, CSA staff completed more samples on the Brook adjoining the Alton Gas property. The results showed that iron is especially high and the aluminum and manganese levels were down. Similar samples are to be taken next year. Sana suggested that it is important to get this information to the right people in fed and prov governments.

Eldridge Plaque - Robar indicated a suitable write-up had been done and the new plaque was being made.

Fish Friends - James reported that four fish tanks will be in elementary schools this coming year - Brookfield, Bible Hill, Redcliff, and Truro

Quad County Stocking Committee (QCSC) - The Chair reported there will be a first meeting of the committee near the end of November (25 to 30). Yarn and Bauld to attend.

Recognition - Certificates have been prepared for retiring Directors - Robert Gunderson, Scott Langille, and Matthew Kelly. These will be delivered with a covering letter from the President.

C S A Banner
MacIsaac reported that the AC uses banners for events and the cost is about $575, which includes the cost of the banner production, installation, permits and $100 deposit required by the town of Truro.
By motion (MacIsaac/ Forbes) Directors authorized MacIsaac to spend up to $600 for the use of a suitable banner to promote CSA events.

DFO Stocking - Sana reported that with help from CSA and MCG, the DFO staff put about 180 salmon (up to 10 lbs.) in the Upper Stewiacke River on October 28.

CSA Dinner
Bauld reported on planning for 2016 Dinner. The date has been moved to April 22, since March was found to be too early. Sustainable Blue is committed to providing the fish this year. The planning committee will meet in January to finalize details. Bauld suggested the Directors consider naming a co-chair for the committee.

Scholarship - Nothing to report yet. Information will be available for the next meeting.

Treasurer's Report -

Chequing / Savings Total
August 2015
Opening Balance 15,237 72,175 87,412
Deposits - 22 22
` Transfers 20,000 (20,0000) -
Withdrawals (10,568) (10,568)
Wages and shirts(900)
Ending Balance 24,669 52,197 76,866

September 2015
Deposits 12,014 15 12,029
` Transfers 10,000 (10,000) -
Withdrawals 23,838 - 23,838
Ditch Doctor(5520) J T Cox(5921) Wages and Clean NS
Ending Balance 22,845 42,212 65,057

October 2015
Deposits 4,700 14 4,714` Transfers
Withdrawals (6,544) (6,544) Wages and River work
Ending Balance 21,001 42,226 63,227

By motion Bauld/MacIsaac) the Treasurer's Report for August, September and October, 2015 was approved as presented.

New Business

Robar proposed that CSA write to Natural Resources Dept. to suggest change to the
fishing season on the Stewiacke R. - to move up the Catch and Release to April 1, resulting in more presence on the River during the early season. Directors agreed with this suggestion.
The Chair informed the Directors on a proposal from Helene Van Doninck, DVM , of the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. She recently got some funding to buy non-lead fishing tackle to exchange for lead tackle. She knows salmon anglers don't use lead but are well connected in the fishing community. She wants to know how to reach out to the angling communities that would use lead based products. She would like to set up a display at the Fisherama and do an exchange with the kids there, maybe even talk for a couple of minutes. Directors agreed to the suggestion and encouraged Dr Van Doninck to attend the Shad Derby as well. Yarn to inform her of CSA approval.

Correspondence - Letter from Helene Van Doninck - see above.

Next Meeting - The next meeting of Directors will be December 08.

Adjournment - By motion (MacIsaac/McMahon) the meeting was adjourned.

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