Directors’ Meeting

October 11, 2016 7: 00 P.M. Room 262 ,

Cox Institute, Agr. Campus, Dalhousie Univ.


Chairman – James Kelly

Directors – Bill Yarn, Paul MacIsaac, Hedley Fulton, Sana Kavanagh, David Larder,

Doug Byers

Regrets – Dave Bauld, Gary McMahon, Wayne Forbes

Agenda – By motion (MacIsaac/Fulton) the proposed Agenda was approved.

Minutes – June, 2016 Meeting: Approved as circulated by motion (MacIsaac/Yarn)

River Restoration - In Wayne’s absence the Chair reported that work for this year is almost complete. All the funds for 2016 work has been received

Funding Applications – new applications to the funding agencies are being prepared by Mike McAdam.

Directors requested that Mike attend next meeting or supply a report of this work so they have an idea of potential funding sources, amounts requested, and so on.

Alton Gas – Uncertainty about the work to be done in the rest of 2016. Nelson reported on an unsuccessful attempt for a student field trip to the sites.

Fish Friends – MacIsaac reported that the letter to all elementary schools in the county was prepared and will be sent out very soon. This will confirm interest by schools by end December for 2017 Program. Sana indicated there was interest expressed by the Enfield School and she was referred to Larry Short of the Sackville River Assoc. which also has a FF program.

Cost sharing of new tanks was discussed and Yarn agreed to request funding support from the NSSA for two coolers, when the NSSA meets on October 30.

Exhibition Booth -

Three fishing rods and reels were offered by no-cost ticket draw for children under 14.

Three winning tickets were drawn – from the 723 total tickets given out.

James Robart, age 14 yrs

Emily Bond, age 15 yrs

Sophia Dargavel, age 8 yrs

Forest Spraying Effects - report by Sana Kavanagh

Sana presented the results of her recent literature research on the spraying of forest land, which is designed to inhibit the growth of hardwood and broadleaf “weeds” in new timber stands of Atlantic Canada. The common chemical used is an organophosphorus compound, sold as glyphosate - with trade names as Roundup and Vision Mix. Although it dissipates quickly into the environment studies have shown there can be detrimental effects on amphibians and fish stocks. Also, other ingredients in some of the “cocktails” used have shown to be detrimental as well. These products are licensed for use in agricultural and forestry operations by Federal and Provincial agencies and use is controlled by strict regulations and only by certified applicators. There is a complaint mechanism in place and individuals are encouraged to report any perceived miss-use or risk to protected species or humans. Sana suggested that CSA may have an information role in advising members and the public on this issue.

Scholarship - The invoice for this year has been received and paid. No information yet on the recipient.

Treasurer’s Report - For September 2016

In the absence of the Treasurer the Chair presented a report received from Dave Bauld.

Chequing Savings Total

September 2016 $ $ $

Opening Balance 15,943 77,456 93,399

Deposits 12,282 19 12,301

Withdrawals (13,041) - (13,041)

Transfers 10,000 (10,000) --

Ending Balance 25,184 67,475 92,659

Deposits - payments from funding agency

Withdrawals - monthly salaries and River expenses

Ending Balance 12,180 92,429 104,609

By motion (Yarn/Fulton) the Treasurer’s Report for September 2016 was approved as presented.

Polo Shirts - The Chair advised that he would have samples for the next meeting.

New Business

Quarterly E-Mail - The Chair proposed that CSA distribute a quarterly E-Mail newsletter to members of CSA. Motion (MacIsaac/Kavanagh) that a sub-committee of Directors be formed for the purpose of preparing a proposal for a seasonal newsletter. Discussion suggested that a letter go out to all members of CSA highlighting the activities and news of each season (spring, summer, etc.). Perhaps a sub-committee for each season could prepare items. Motion passed.

FaceBook Page - Motion (MacIsaac/Nelson) that a sub-committee of Directors, chaired by Sana Kavanagh, be asked to prepare a proposal for the creation and maintenance of a CSA FaceBook page, with an examination of this approach versus the Quarterly newsletter idea. Which approach would tend to attract new members? Motion passed.

Mission Statement - Following a challenge to Directors from the Chair to examine where the organization is going, what its emphasis should be and the need for re-examining CSA objectives --

Motion (MacIsaac/ Nelson) that CSA Directors be asked to participate in a special planning meeting to examine the mission statement, before the end of December. Motion defeated.

Sana agreed to do a presentation on Inner Bay activities during 2016.

Next Meeting - Nevember 8, 2016