Directors’ Meeting

November 8, 2016 7: 00 P.M. Room 262 ,

Cox Institute, Agr. Campus, Dalhousie Univ.


Chairman – James Kelly

Directors – Bill Yarn, Paul MacIsaac, Hedley Fulton, Sana Kavanagh, David Larder, Dave

Bauld, Gary McMahon, Mike McAdam, Gary Robar, Chris Nelson, Dick Huggard, Jamie

Webb, Doug Byers

Regrets –, Wayne Forbes, Alana Silaboy, Don Mattinson,

Agenda – By motion (MacIsaac/Nelson) the proposed Agenda was approved.

Minutes – October, 2016 Meeting: Approved as amended and circulated by motion (Webb/Nelson)

River Restoration - In Wayne’s absence Mike McAdam reported the work year is complete. Twenty five sites were involved.

Funding Applications – new applications to the funding agencies are being prepared by Mike McAdam.

He now has all the details for applications and the suitable contacts. In total $80,000 will be requested from Adopt-A-Stream, HSP (Environment Canada), DFC (Federal Fisheries Conservation Fund), and the Atlantic Conservation Fund. In addition, funding will be requested from the Youth Conservation Corp. for student employment.

Alton Gas – MacIsaac reported that Alton Gas has agreed there will be no more work on its project until after the 2017 Striped Bass spawning season. No brine has been extracted to date and won’t be until after Bass spawning.

Fish Friends – MacIsaac reported that the letter to all elementary schools in the county was sent out to all Grade 3, 4 and 5 teachers in the County. Teachers are invited to participate and proposed to supply cost sharing expense for the tank at up to 20 per cent. One response of interest has been received from the Debert School – grade 4/5. Yarn reported that he did not attend the NSSA meeting Oct. 30 so did not confirm available funding from the NSSA fund. Renee Aucoin is the contact for this.

Suggestion – CSA print a pamphlet on the Fish Friends program to inform Schools and the public what CSA is doing in the area.

Inner bay of Fundy Fish Stocks - Sana Kavanagh gave a very interesting and disturbing report on the historical and recent stock trends in Inner Bay Rivers. Full details available from Sana at

Scholarship - Byers reported that a winner has been chosen, but no name yet. The Chair is invited to a Scholarship Dinner on Nov 17 at the Dal AC – for all the Scholarship students and the sponsors. Proposed that the winner be invited to attend the CSA Dinner.

CSA Dinner - Dave Bauld agreed to chair the Dinner Committee and will hold the first meeting in January – Directors were invited to participate. The proposed date is April 21st , however, possible conflicts have to explored before a final date is agreed.

Face Book Committee - Chaired by San K . Jamie Webb agreed to serve. They will look into possibilities for creation of a CSA Face Book account and page.

CSA E-Mail Report - Responsibilty for the quarterly E-Mails was discussed and agreed as:

March – Sana and Mike -- Recap of River Work in 2016, Fish Friends and the Scholarship

Letter be ready for circulation by March 1.

May 15 - Fisherama, Shad Derby, River work (proposed 2017) Deadline May 1

August 15 - General topics aimed at NSPE audience. Deadline August 1

October 15 - Year wrap up and other topics/

CSA Sponsored Bench – The Chair reported the bench is now installed in the new Town Square area near the Library and Farmers market. It is dedicated to CSA members past and present. A bonus is that CSA events will now be included in the Town’s Weekly Calendar.

Mission Statement - The Chair requested that all Directors read our Mission Statement – see web site – and come back to next meeting with a word or phrase that you are concerned or excited about. Especially consider – does the present MS represent what CSA is all about?

Treasurer’s Report - For October 2016

The Treasurer presented his October report

Chequing Savings Total

October 2016 $ $ $

Opening Balance 25,184 67,475 92,659

Deposits - 17 17

Withdrawals (16,493) - (16,493)

Transfers 10,000 (10,000) --

Ending Balance 18,691 57,492 76,183

Deposits - interest on savings

Withdrawals - 2285 - Hoskin Scientific for equipment repairs

- 4140 - Ditch Doctor

- 750 - Dalhousie Un. Scholarship

- 1772 - Repayment of previous year’s contract

- balance on River work – salaries, travel and expenses.

By motion (Bauld/McMahon) the Treasurer’s Report for October 2016 was approved as presented.

New Business - None


E-Mail from Jason Tafts asking about where he could observe salmon spawning on the Salmon R. MacIsaac answered.

Notice of upcoming ARFAC meeting in Truro at the Glengarry Motel

Next meeting - Tuesday, Dec 13. McMahon to present an update on Brown trout.