Directors’ Meeting

December 13, 2016 7: 00 P.M. Room 262 ,

Cox Institute, Agr. Campus, Dalhousie Univ.



Chairman – James Kelly

Directors – Bill Yarn, Paul MacIsaac, Hedley Fulton, Sana Kavanagh, Dave

Bauld, Mike McAdam, Don Mattinson, Doug Byers

Regrets – Gary McMahon, Wayne Forbes, Jamie Webb

Guest - Brenden Wheeler, the CSA Scolarship Winner for 2016

Agenda – By motion (Fulton/MacIsaac) the proposed Agenda was approved.

Minutes – November 8, 2016 Meeting: Approved as amended and circulated by motion (Webb/Nelson)

River Restoration - no report

Funding Applications – new applications to the funding agencies are now completed by Mike McAdam.

In total $84,000 will be requested from Adopt-A-Stream, HSP (Environment Canada), DFC (Federal Fisheries Conservation Fund), and the Atlantic Conservation Fund. In addition, funding will be requested from the Youth Conservation Corp. for student employment. Mike was asked how much time is involved in the preparation of funding applications. He reported that he spent about 25 hours in December and somewhat less in November. This would be the peak period – except for the drafting of reports when the work is completed.

A submission will be made to Colchester County Municipality for Insurance Assistance to non-profits. A grant may pay 50% of premiums up to a maximum of $1000. Bill Yarn offered to prepare the application.

Fish Friends – MacIsaac reported that all of the schools in the program in 2016 have signed on for this coming year. Due to the earlier spawning of the fish the schedule for this year will be moved up to account for earlier delivery of the eggs. They may be in the tanks by mid February. The Debert School has a tank and only require a chiller to participate. This cost is $600 – 700 and can be delivered in about 5 days. Yarn to check with Aucoin to see if there are funds available from NSSA.

Seven groups of eggs have been set aside by the hatchery - 5 schools plus Debert plus the Musquidoboit group. MacIsaac said he has had a letter from Future Works, an Adult Learning Group in Truro to see if it might be eligible to participate in the Program. Paul will follow up and see if FW is prepared to cost-share the equipment costs.

Sana Kavanagh suggested that the tanks should have a water proof mat depicting the C S A logo and a depiction of the salmon life cycle. Sana offered to prepare a draft for the next meeting.

Scholarship - The Chair introduced Brenden Whalen, a first year student at Dalhousie AC in the Engineering program. He thanked the directors for the Scholarship funds and expressed interest in the work of the CSA. The Chair read a nice letter of thanks from Brenden (attached to file Minutes).

The Chair reported that he had attended the Scholarship Dinner for all the scholarship and award sponsors to the students of Dalhousie Agricultural Faculty.

CSA Dinner - Bill Yarn will chair the Dinner Committee this year with the first meeting of the Committee in January. April 21 is now confirmed as the date for the Dinner.

Face Book Committee - Chaired by San K . She reported that the Committee has not met, however, she hopes to have templates, etc. to bring to the next meeting. Please bring recent pictures of CSA and fishing activities so they can be used on the Page. It was suggested that the E-Mail list would be a good start for soliciting “friends”.

CSA E-Mail Report - Directors reviewed the schedule and deadlines as outlined in the November Minutes.

Mission Statement - The Chair requested input from the Directors on any changes needed for the current Mission Statement – see web site – Suggestions included: perhaps change the mandate to include all salmonies as what we do affects many species; be inclusive of all fishers on the Rivers and stewards of the whole River system. We should check the NSSA MS to see what it includes.

Directors can use the MS to establish objectives and measurable goals for the coming year.

The Chair suggested the Directors use the January Meeting to focus on 2017 objectives – including educational, financial, and organizational goals. We should also look at what has been accomplished over the past 30 years.

Treasurer’s Report - For November 2016

The Treasurer presented his November financial report

Chequing Savings Total

October 2016 $ $ $

Opening Balance 18,691 57,492 76,183

Receipts 2,700 13 2,713

Withdrawals (6,737) (6,737)

Transfers -- -- --

Ending Balance 14,654 57,505 72,15 9

By motion (Bauld/Yarn) the Treasurer’s Report for November 2016 was approved as presented.

New Business -

Mike Mcadam reported that he was updating the web site and welcomed any input from Directors.

Bauld reported on recent activity by NS Power at the Alton Gas sites; new power poles and lines are being installed and NSP seems to be in a hurry to get the work done. Dave agreed investigate further,

Correspondence – none

Next meeting - Tuesday, January 10.