Directors’ Meeting

Jan. 10, 2017 7: 00 P.M. Room 262 ,

Cox Institute, Agr. Campus, Dalhousie Univ.



Chairman – Paul MacIsaac

Directors – Bill Yarn, Paul MacIsaac, Hedley Fulton, Sana Kavanagh, Dave

Bauld, David Larder, Chris Nelson, Jamie Webb, Doug Byers

Regrets – Gary McMahon, Wayne Forbes, James Kelly

In the absence of James Kelly the Vice President, chaired the meeting.

Agenda – By motion (Yarn/Webb) the proposed Agenda was approved.

Minutes – Dec. 13, 2016 Meeting: Approved as circulated by motion (Bauld/Webb)

River Restoration - Wayne reported by E-Mail, “The stream restoration plans are on hold until the temperatures rise and the ice leaves the river. We will have Amy and Bob walk the work section with us at that time and formulate a plan for structures, etc. As for applications, Mike tells me that there is nothing to report on the ones already sent in and that he is working on the Adopt a Stream application as we speak.” It was reported by Directors there is a poster displayed at Shorts Lake referring to a Fish Ladder project. The sponsors noted on the poster are Alton Gas, LaFarge, and NSSA. CSA was not informed of this publicity. It was suggested that Amy Weston was probably responsible as she is hired by NSSA to run the Adopt-A-Stream program.

Fish Friends – MacIsaac reported that there is not much to report since the last meeting. It is important to determine how the Teacher Union Work-to-Rule position will affect the Program. Paul will contact the School Board to see if there will beany consequences.

CSA Dinner - Bill Yarn, chair the Dinner Committee, reported the tickets have been ordered and will be available at the next Directors meeting. Salmon to be ordered soon from Sustainable Blue. The oyster bar will be available again this year.

Face Book Committee - Chaired by San K . She reported that the Committee is ready to launch the site and material is assembled for upload. Sana received several pictures from Directors for use on the site. Changes are expected to be made every week, with timely notice of events, etc. Bauld to supply Sana with the CSA E-Mail list in order to create am “Invite” list or Dave will send out an invitation prepared by Sana.

CSA E-Mail Report - The deadline for the first mail out is March 15, with the material in-hand by March 1. It will include a review of the 2016 River Restoration work, Fish Friends report, and promotion of the Dinner.

Mission Statement - Tabled to the next meeting

Alton Gas - Bauld followed up on the report mentioned at the last meeting, of recent activity by NS Power.He could not find any more information, and will stay vigilant of any new action. Discussion followed on the CSA position on the gas storage project. Several perspectives of the issues surrounding the project were brought up – suggesting there are the usual black and white positions on the public beneficial and detrimental effects of the project. The Chair confirmed that CSA directors have previously stated that after considerable review they support the venture and will continue to monitor the impacts on the River environment, especially those harming the fish stock.

Treasurer’s Report - For December 2016

Chequing / Savings Total

October 2016 $ $ $

Opening Balance 14,654 57,504 72,158

Deposits 28,040 15 28,055

Withdrawals (1,506) (1,506)

Transfers (25,000) 25,000 --

Ending Balance 16,188 82,519 98,707

With a $5,000 GIC on Deposit with the bank.

By motion (Bauld/Yarn) the Treasurer’s Report for December, 2016 was approved as presented.

New Business -

Sana mentioned there is an upcoming meeting of the DFO sponsored group coordinating the Inner Bay of Fundy Rivers Restoration work. It is in Moncton, April 15. It will include many reports on what is going on and the issues concerning this work, Sana will attend, but feels CSA also should be represented, Directors agreed that at least one Director from CSA should attend and this item should be discussed at the next meeting to see who would be available.

Correspondence – none

Next meeting - Tuesday, February 14.