Directors’ Meeting

Feb. 15, 2017 7: 00 P.M. Room 262 ,

Cox Institute, Agr. Campus, Dalhousie Univ.


Chairman – James Kelly

Directors – Bill Yarn, Chris Nelson, Sana Kavanagh, Dave

Bauld, Garry Robar, Dick Huggard, Don Mattinson

Agenda – By motion (Kelly) the proposed Agenda was approved with additions by Yarn (NSSA Meeting) and Kelly (Tabling mission statement due to small meeting low meeting attendance).

Minutes – Jan. 10, 2017 Meeting: Approved as circulated by motion (Huggard/Mattinson)

River Restoration - Bill gave brief update on funding – Youth Core Application approved and insurance was paid in the previous week.

Fish Friends – Kelly reported that through discussions with Paul MacIsaac, no teaches have replied yet to a call for interest in the program this year which may be attributed to the labour dispute. Robar suggested resending the call to teachers the week after the dispute is settled to see if there is at this point any interested in continuing the program this year. Robar also volunteered to find an alternate school for a tank if there were any free after the other teachers were solicited.

Kelly agreed to come up with a plan in concert with MacIsaac for fish friends this year and get back to the group though he also acknowledged that time is against us due to hatch timing.

Sana reported on waterproof mats for fish tanks and asked for a better copy of the of CSA logo. It was decided that she would go ahead with a life cycle cartoon on the mat in full colour and that she would seek out a price on the draft and report back to the group by email. Sana will also get in touch with Paul for the tank sizes so the mats can be properly matched.

CSA Dinner - Bill Yarn, chair of the Dinner Committee, reported the tickets have been ordered and will be available at the next Directors meeting. Salmon to be ordered soon from Sustainable Blue. The oyster bar will be available again this year.

Face Book Committee - Chaired by San K. It was reported that the page is online now but with limited access as a better logo and input from the directors is needed for captions on the included CSA photo’s. Sana will contact MacIsaac for a better logo. Sana asked and directed the directors to go look over the site and update anecdotal pieces on the photo’s and people they recognize. It was agreed by the directors that they would review the site within the week and provide feedback so the site can be opened up to the broader public. Sana will also setup a weekly CSA picture release piece and ask the public for comments. She will also send out a message to all CSA members about the new Facebook page and volunteered to add a rules section to the page.

Webpage – Sana asked if the webpage had been viewed by anybody else of late and Robar checked the site during the meeting on his phone to see if it was working. It was discovered that the photos were not loading for him either. James Kelly volunteered to look into it.

CSA E-Mail Report - The deadline for the first mail out is March 15, with the material in-hand by March 1. It will include a review of the 2016 River Restoration work, Fish Friends report, and promotion of the Dinner.

Mission Statement - Tabled to the next meeting

Alton Gas – Nothing to report.

Inner Bay of Fundy Rivers Meeting in Halifax - Robar attended the event on the day of the meeting and reported it was a worth while venture that should be attended next year. Of interest was the volume lime dosing into local watersheds accomplished by helicopter drops.

Treasurer’s Report - February 2017

The Treasurer presented his December financial report

Chequing Savings Total

January 2017 $ $ $

Opening Balance 16,188 82,519 98,707

Deposits - 18 18

Withdrawals (978) - (978)

Transfers - - --

Ending Balance 15,210 82,537 97,747

Deposit - interest

Withdraws – Visa and contract work by Mike M

Plus $5000 Term deposit.

By motion (Bauld/Robar) the Treasurer’s Report for February 2017 was approved as presented.

New Business -

ASF Meeting – Yarn attended ASF meeting and was tasked with finding out if any affiliate groups had any resolutions they may be interested in with regards to regulation updates. One resolution that is under consideration is the combining of Salmon and Trout licences.

Dinner Survey – Sana suggested putting forward a survey to the CSA dinner guests to see what the CSA means to them to which the room was in agreement. It was also suggested that completing the survey could enter a member’s name in a draw. It was suggested that this idea be discussed at the next dinner meeting.

Lifetime Members – Yarn informed the group that long time and lifetime member, Peter Hamilton, passed away and that in his memory he asked that people donate to CSA. Yarn then recommended the group honour other long time contributing members with a lifetime membership. It was also agreed that this issue will be further discussed at the next Dinner Committee meeting.

Correspondence – Women Who Hunt – Bauld asks if anyone has been in correspondence with WWH and it was suggested CSA should have a presence at their upcoming event. Bauld and Mattinson volunteered to check in with WWH and report back to group when they have word.

Next meeting - Tuesday, March 14.