Directors’ Meeting

September 12, 2017, 7: 00 P.M. Room 262,

Cox Institute, Agr. Campus, Dalhousie Univ.

Attendance –

Chairman – James Kelly

Directors – Chris Nelson, Dave Bauld, David Larder, Mike McAdam, Jamie Webb

Regrets –Paul MacIsaac

Agenda – By motion (Kelly) the proposed Agenda was approved with additions by Bauld on Flood Control.

Minutes – Aug, 2017 Meeting: None taken

River Restoration - McAdam gave brief update on funding including a note that $80,000 has been approved and is on the way. He reported that there have been 16 new river structures added this year in the Brookfield project and 4 digger logs.

The group was updated that Amy Weston was by the site earlier in the month to do survey work and helped plan additional work. McAdam thought it was unlikely they would finish all the new work this year and mention was made of one installer had a mild on site injury. Otherwise, work had gone well. Nelson (Director) and Brenden Wheeler (recipient of CSA scholarship) also visited site for tour and it was said that now is a really good time for additional tours as conditions are good. Larder suggested inviting the Brookfield Men’s Club for a tour as well as the CBC. Kelly said it would be good if something could be organized before the end of October and set the 21st as a possible date. McAdam volunteered to organize a walk. Bauld said that Barb would send out an email to parties that may be interested in participating.

McAdam said they may be looking at restoring Little McCurdy River next year.

Exhibition—Kelly thought the building this year did not have enough traffic or enough of a draw though the CSA booth and stream display was a bit hit. McAdam asked that the CSA make inquiries to the company that made the booth to fix it as there is a spelling mistake on a banner.

Bauld stated that Yarn will coordinate making contact and delivering of prizes from the winners of the Ex draws.

CSA Dinner - Tabled as chair of committee not present.

Flood Committee—Bauld asked where this committee now stands and if any follow up has been made? He suggested that Robar and Webb need to reach out and see what issues are currently being discussed by the group. McAdam stated he will also follow up with Lloyd Gibb.

Face Book Committee - Webb looked at site and stated that last post was May 30th.

CSA E-Mail Report News Article Update – Kelly is thinking about putting another out soon and will discuss at next meeting and though it should include a tribute to Doug as a retiring CSA member and Steve as a dedicated past member. The proposed deadline for the article would be October 20th.

CSA Mall Booth Setup—Kelly suggested this might be a good idea for more exposer and include the Dummy and wader setup for increased draw ticket sales for dinner. Kelly also suggested the CSA setup at the NSLC while Larder though the Brookfield Men’s Club might be a good group to reach out to as well.

CSA Scholarship – Nelson: This year’s winner is Hannah Fisher. More information to come. Kelly asked if the structure of the scholarship as it stands is meeting CSA’s needs?

Stream Table Display—Kelly asked Nelson for costs on the project and where CSA monies could be allocated with respect to this project. Nelson agreed to have data for the next meeting.

CSA Tribute—Kelly stated that Huggard will liaise with Steve’s family to pick child for fishing experience at Silver Cross Lodge. Monies will be made available for gas and travel if need be. Kelly would like to see event as an annual thing.

McCurdy Creek— Kelly reported that Robar had been out to see it but has not reported back yet and that a gravel pit expansion in the area had been approved and is moving forward. Larder stated that the CSA had been approached by a concerned resident of Little Dyke who is worried about the area’s water quality and that the CSA should follow up with her about issue. McAdam, Larder and Yarn were volunteered for follow up with resident. McAdam asked for business cards to have on hand for such occasions and said he would be in touch with Nelson to accomplish getting some through Xerox.

NSA Grant—Bauld asked if any headway had been made on this file and McAdam volunteered to follow up with MacIsaac to see about accessing the money.

Treasurer’s Report - For June, July, August 2017

The Treasurer presented his December financial report

Chequing Savings Total

Jun 2017 $ $ $

Opening Balance 17,523 92,589 110,112

Deposits 12,106 - 10 12,116

Withdrawals (8050) - (8050)

Transfers (5000) (5000) --

Ending Balance 26579 87,599 114,178

Deposit – Adopt A Stream

Disbursement – Dinner expenses, consulting, start up on river

Chequing Savings Total

July 2017 $ $ $

Opening Balance 26,579 87,599 114,178

Deposits - 8 8

Withdrawals (10,604) - (10,604)

Transfers - - --

Ending Balance 15,975 87,607 103,582

Chequing Savings Total

August 2017 $ $ $

Opening Balance 15,975 87,607 103,582

Deposits 7263 7 7270

Withdrawals (9896) - (9896)

Transfers (10,000) (10,000) --

Ending Balance 23,342 77,614 100,956

July- Disbursements – Dal 750, River Work, Ex Rental

Aug – Disbursements – River Work

Aug – Receipts - Gov’t Grant

By motion (Bauld/ Nelson) the Treasurer’s Report for Jun, July, August 2017 was approved as presented.

Next meeting - Tuesday, October 10.