Directors’ Meeting

October 10, 2017; 7: 00 P.M. Room 262,

Cox Institute, Agr. Campus, Dalhousie Univ.

Attendance –

Chairman – Paul MacIsaac

Directors – Chris Nelson, Dave Bauld, Mike McAdam, Dick Huggard, Doug Byers, Bill Yarn, Glen Piercy, Brent Ferris

Regrets –James Kelly

Agenda – By motion (MacIsaac) the proposed Agenda was approved by Byers.

Minutes – Sep, 2017 Meeting: Not reviewed as none printed

River Restoration - McAdam updated group on stream restoration activities and new procurements. These procurements included two new chainsaws, mauls and other misc. hand equipment. He stated that there is $9000 in budget for equipment and for some of the purchases to date, the venders have vouched to donate to the dinner. In terms of current restoration activities, the group has been busy planting willows along the stream. The project so far has produced 18 structures including 6 digger logs over the 1.5 km strip that has been focused on.

McAdam updated on the financial situation noting that monies have come in from 3 of the 4 big donors. He also reached out to the Brookfield Men’s Club again Re: river walk but had not heard a response yet. The walkers will meet at the Brookfield Fire Hall on the 21st at 10am. Bauld agreed to make sure an email will be sent out to the CSA mailing list before the event.

NSPE- Yarn delivered all remaining prizes himself. He noted there 650 ballots all told. MacIsaac noted that the CSA had 700 ballots in one day at the previous Brookfield event for comparison.

CSA Dinner - MacIsaac stated that Kelly wants to put together pictorial display (CO Joanna it was further suggested) for the next dinner to showcase to the attendees how their money is being spent. Huggard thought this was an item best discussed by the dinner committee and so it was moved.

Byres suggested that following next dinner, thank you letters should be sent out to the larger donors. It was suggested that Kelly be in charge of this initiative.

Flood Committee—Kelly circulated minutes from the flood committee’s last meeting. MacIsaac noted there was very little accomplished. Kelly posed the question to the group through MacIsaac on how much of an effort the CSA should be putting into to keeping informed and engaged in the Committee’s affairs.

Huggard volunteered to find out more information on flood work in North river.

McAdam volunteered to find out when the Committees’ next meeting would be.

McCurdy Brook – Yarn and McAdam agreed to try and find a time to go and look at what is happening on the brook. Further discussion on this matter was tabled until next meeting when they would have more to report on.

Face Book Committee – No updates as no committee members were present.

CSA E-Mail Report News Article Update – Bauld is expecting to have all reports in by November 1st with the 15th as distribution day. MacIsaac asked if the river walk could be included in the newsletter and McAdam said he would put an article together. Yarn agreed to do a dinner report, Nelson for scholarship, Ex. MacIsaac and Presidents’ report, Kelly. McAdam also thought it would be good to include salmon population numbers in the report if we can get access to them. McAdam was disappointed that no numbers from the smolt wheel have been made available yet. MacIsaac volunteered to get in touch with Sana to find out what is going on with the smolt wheel project.

CSA Scholarship – Byers stated that we are just waiting on a date for the scholarship dinner to meet the latest winner Hannah Fisher. Once a date is announced, the group will be informed.

Stream Table Display—Nelson agreed to post video to the group on the special modeling sand for purchase that would really improve the functionality of the model. The group agreed to revisit the purchase at the next meeting. It was also suggested that perhaps the Amy Weston and Cabela’s should also be asked about donations for the model as they are interested in both showcasing the model. Nelson volunteered to contact Catherine Yuill about rules concerning donations to the University.

CSA Tribute—Huggard informed the group that Steve’s ashes had been spread in his favourite pool. It was also stated that he liked working with children and that he wanted a legacy setup to help children as the CSA fishing trip was aiming to do. It was suggested that winners could be selected through a writing contest, possibly one through the Fish Friends program. Kelly had reached out to Blain Ogden and Huggard, MacIsaac and Kelly were going to push the fishing trip plan ahead. Byres suggested that the fishing trip could have multiple winners every year to get more kids involved.

CSA Donation—Byres and MacIsaac asked Bauld and the group about making a $500 donation to the CWRC. The group voted unanimously to donate to the fund raising campaign and also suggested this in something that should be in the newsletter.

Kelly also received a $500 donation from Irving which he said he will be giving to the CSA.

NSA Grant—Bauld asked if any headway had been made on this file and McAdam volunteered to follow up with MacIsaac to see about accessing the money.

Treasurer’s Report - For September 2017

The Treasurer presented his December financial report

Chequing Savings Total

Chequing Savings Total

September 2017 $ $ $

Opening Balance 23342 77614 100956

Deposits 21858 6 21864

Withdrawals (14535) - (14535)

Transfers (10,000) (10,000) --

Ending Balance 20665 87620 108285

Motion to Adjourn (Huggard / Yarn)

Next meeting - Tuesday, November 14.