Directors’ Meeting

Jan 9, 2018, 7: 00 P.M. Room 262,

Cox Institute, Agr. Campus, Dalhousie Univ.

Attendance –
Chairman – Paul MacIsaac
Directors – Chris Nelson, Dave Bauld, Don Mattinson, Bill Yarn, Glenn Piercey, Jim Hamilton, Gary Robar
Regrets –James Kelly, Jamie Webb, Mike M

First order by B.Y. was to read out thank you letters from Hannah Fisher to CSA for her scholarship award and invitation to the awards dinner. She was very happy for the funding and opportunities to interact with CSA members at the dinner.

Minutes – By motion (MacIsaac) the minutes on Salmon Research were approved (D.B / B.Y.).
Action form Minutes – Motion to buy 6 sets of spinning gear for kids on memorial fishing trip (C.N/D.B) passed unanimously.

Insurance – B.Y. Got application for CSA insurance. Bill stated that he needed a financial statement to get the insurance. D.B. gave such a statement to B.Y. and he stated he would follow up on purchase post haste. B.Y. wondered if insurance should also be purchased to cover directors on events in case of accidents (i.e. community fishing days)? D.B. offered to look into insurance costs to cover the directors.

CSA Dinner – B.Y. stated the dinner this year is to be held on April 20th in Jenkin’s Hall. D.B. said he would ask Barb to put out an email message to the membership to save the date. The next dinner committee meeting by agreement would be at B.Y.’s on Tuesday the 16th Jan. at 7:00pm.

New Research Project Funding Initiatives – P.M. Asked if the CSA should make a contribution to Dr. Harvey’s research? It was suggested the CSA could sponsor fish tracking tags and Dr. Harvey could make a proposal to the CSA for money. B.Y. suggested as a first step he would talk to his friend Carl Purcell who is a mutual friend of Dr. Harvey to see if he thinks he would be even interested in such an arrangement and then approach him after that. D.B. suggested that CSA summer staff could even be made available to him to help out with his research.

Wildflower Gear – J.K. has been in talks with Wildflower in hopes of securing a deal for CSA swag. Details to follow.

River Restoration—P.M. updated that after contact with M.M., it looks like the focus of next year’s river restoration work will be at Rutherford Brook. D.B. suggested that the CSA invite Amy Weston to join the next directors’ meeting to fill in the group on the decision making process for how rivers are selected for restoration. P.M. agreed to contact Amy and invite her to the February Meeting. He said he would also contact M.M. to see what his plans are for next year and will report his findings at the next meeting. M.M also reported through P.M. that an Adopt a Stream cheque is in the mail and that Habitat Stewardship monies are coming in as well to help pay for last years’ expenses.

Treasurer’s Report - For December 2017

The Treasurer presented his December financial report

Chequing Savings Total
December 2017 $ $ $

Opening Balance 17155 107629 124784
Deposits 500 2 502
Withdrawals (1862) - (1862)
Transfers (-) - --

Ending Balance 15793 107631 123424

Plus $5000 GIC pledged for Visa
Deposit- Irving C/O J.K.
Withdrawals – Insurance – Cooperators’ $527
- Balance payroll and misc.
Motion to accept treasurer’s (D.B. /C.N.) passed unanimously.

Investments –D.B. asked if the CSA should be investing some of its surpluses? He suggested 2% in a 15 month GIC ($50 000) with SoctiaBank in a motion (D.B./C.N.) which passed without dissent. A further motion was made to put $25000 into a 90 day GIC on the treasurer’s discretion with Scotia Bank. D.B. said though he was unsure at the time of what the rate of return would be on such an investment. This motion (D.B./C.N.) also passed without dissent.

Fish Friends—G.R. asked about where the CSA stands for fish tanks this year in the program. P.M. stated he has been looking into chillers which go for around $1200-1500/unit and will give specific pricing and timing on when the CSA can buy more at the next meeting. P.M. also stated he wants to get the program up and running again for this year in the next 6 weeks to give lots of time to have everything in place ahead of time so eggs are not hatching on delivery as thy had in the past. G.R. suggested making up pamphlets on the fish friends program to hand out at events such as the Fishorama.

Thank you – B.Y. wanted to let the group know that he had given a thankyou gift to Barb for all her past and continued hard work.

Next meeting - Tuesday, February 13th 2018.