Directors’ Meeting

February 13th, 2018, 7: 00 P.M., Room 262,

Cox Institute, Agricultural Campus, Dalhousie University

Attendance: G. McMahon, B. Yarn, D. Bauld, M. McAdam, D. Huggard, D. Mattinson, G. Robar, J. Caddick, J. Webb, J. Kelly (Chair), P.MacIsaac
Regrets: C. Nelson, J.Hamilton

The meeting came to order at 7:05pm. The agenda was approved as circulated (Huggard, 2nd by Yarn). The minutes of the January 9, 2018, meeting were approved (Mattinson, 2nd Webb)

Business Arising
1. Bauld: Spoke with Eric Scott (Co-Operators Insurance) regarding Director's insurance. Two quotes were prepared. Coverage for $1,000,000 liability has a premium of $547 annually. Coverage for $2,000,000 liability has a premium of $712 annually. Kelly: We have liability insurance for liabilities at CSA sponsored activities and this will cover fishers at Blaine Ogden's site during the Steve Gloade trip.
Vote to purchase Director's Insurance: Favor: 0%. Opposed: 100% Vote Defeated.

2. MacIsaac: IBoF salmon research by DFO D.Hardie. Email response: seeking support by either i) commissioning boat charter to mouth of river through April/May; ii) purchase of VEMCO tag @ ca. $5000 each; or iii) chartering known local boaters (volunteer) to assist in data retrieval from signal recievers. Huggard: What are the costs to charter boat from Maitland? Need further information: PM to distribute email to the Directors and respond to Dr. Hardie. Table decision to next meeting.

3. MacIsaac: Fish Friends program. A new immersible chiller has been ordered (Refrigeration Specialists, PE). MacIsaac to send Yarn and Bauld a copy of invoice upon its arrival. Eggs are due to arrive by end of February.

Dinner Committee
Yarn: 50 tickets have been sent to ScotiaBank. DH needs 10 tickets, DB 8 tickets, MM 8 tickets. The next committee meeting is Feb 20. BY has the canvasing letters - see Bill if you are looking for copies. Some canvasing has been done but this needs to ramp up.

New Business
1. Colchester Flood Committee (Robar): Committee had tour of salt marsh on North side of North River/Salmon River confluence. At this location a new dyke (~7km long) will be constructed on the North shore farther away from the water's edge. The old dyke will then be removed to allow more acreage of flood plain. This should decrease the magnitude of flooding over Park Street. Cost of the project is ca. $460,000. Robar was in agreement with the mission of the project. Consensus among the group was to support the project.
Action: Kelly to forward Colchester Flood Committee meeting minutes to Robar, Caddick and Mattinson.

2. River water testing. Doug Simpson is no longer physically able to sample streams for water chemistry. Data collected from Colchester County rivers for nearly 10 years. Data is submitted to website managed by Saint Mary's University.
Question: is it necessary to continue measure water chemistry in these rivers? Answer - depends upon what the data tells us.
Question: can a student be hired to compile the data and prepare a report? Answer - get a look at the data and table until next meeting.

Action: McAdam to share website with group for preliminary evaluation. Data is not direct, difficult to navigate.
Action: Do not hire Doug Simpson in 2018. Prepare a report of the collected data and determine the next steps.

3. River work: There are no more grants from DFO's Recreational Fisheries Partnerships Program (value $25,000). We did not win a grant from Clean NS, meaning we do not have support to hire students in summer 2018.
Action: McAdam to contact Habitat Stewardship Program (ECC) for support.

4. Youth Expo (April 21) … day after the dinner! A fly rod is available for a door prize. Booth size: 10 ft x 20 ft

Action: MacIsaac to submit registration.
Action: Confirm Matt Webb and Meika Matthews for fly-tying demonstration.

MacIsaac: Email from Jamie Knill (Maritime Aboriginal Peoples Council). Asking PM or CSA representative to participate as stakeholders on advisory council for the Recovery Strategy for endangered inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon. Group agreed to support the early stages of this initiative.

Barb MacLaughlin: Proposed CSA allow Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre to fundraise while attending the Annual Dinner. Kelly: Suggested to donate all proceeds from the "In-for-a-fin" to CWRC, then CSA match the contribution. Motion (Huggard) to allow all proceeds from the "In-for-a-fin" fundraiser at the Annual Dinner be donated to CWRC with a matching contribution from CSA. Seconded by Yarn. Vote in support: 100% favor; 0% opposed.

Treasurer's Report - January 2018
Chequing Savings Total
Opening Balances $15,789 $107,631 $123,420
Deposits $3000 $1 $3001
Withdrawals & Transfers ($558) ($50,005) ($50,563)
Ending Balances $18,231 $57,627 $75,858

Deposits: Adopt-a-stream
Withdrawals: payroll, term deposit
Transfer: $5000 to TD Bank; $50,000 to TD Bank
Bauld: Motion to approve the Treasurer's Report. Second by Yarn. 100% in favor.

Mattinson: Women That Hunt fundraising dinner / AGM Feb 24 at Hilden Fire Hall. Tickets $20 each.

Next meeting: March 13, 2018.