Directors' Meeting
March 20th, 2018 7: 00 P.M. Room 262,
Cox Institute, Agr. Campus, Dalhousie Univ.

Attendance -
Chairman - James Kelly
Directors - Paul MacIsaac, Chris Nelson, Dave Bauld, Don Mattinson, Bill Yarn, Glenn Piercey, David Larder, Brent Ferris, Doug Byers
Regrets - Mike McAdam

Agenda- Motion by (BY/DL) approved.

Minutes - February, by motion (PM/DB) approved.

Correspondence - PM read correspondence with Dr. Hardy on Shubie River testing and ongoing fish and habitat research. Hardy has secured funding for the upcoming research season but would always welcome more including assistance in the form of a summer student (~$8000), predator tags, boat chartering (~$3600/season from river run) or cash/grant. Discussion continued on how the CSA could contribute to the salmon research included BY suggesting CSA's sharing of a summer student, PM suggestion of CSA covering boat chartering and a general discussion of a contribution of cash (grant donation). DL questioned how the Hardy's research aligned with the goals of CSA and suggested sending Hardy a request of what his research goals are for the upcoming season. DB suggested the goals would be similar to those of last year. JK acknowledged that there was some trepidation within the group of committing a large amount of CSA resources at this stage to Hardy and PM proposed a motion seconded by DB to support Dave Hardy's 2018 research program to the sum of $2000. The motion passed.

PM continued onto correspondence with Dave Sampson on his past research on water quality sampling and database development. PM informed the group that to date he has only found 5 years' worth of water sampling data on Galloping Brook which would not in his estimation be enough to warrant hiring a summer student. With the amount of data currently at hand, PM volunteered to compile the data himself. BY asked if there might be more data around or available that might not currently be in the online database. DL asked if CSA should get behind a CABIN sampling initiative in our area. PM and CN volunteered to look into CABIN research in our area and report back.

River Restoration - PM updated the group that ECC funding submission is currently being finished.

Fish Friends - PM said all 5 participating schools have eggs and many have started losing fish including 90 losses in Bible Hill. There were ~300 eggs at each school. BY and GR had helped put the fish in the schools. D Byers asked what the mortality was due to and PM was unsure.

PM purchased a new chiller and swapped it out for what a teacher thought was a defective one. PM thinks that one may still be functioning within parameters as well. PM stated that March 31st is the deadline for the end of the program for this year.

CSA Dinner - B.Y stated that only 1 ticket had been sold to date at the Scotia Bank. He had left them with 50 to sell. BY said he had to tell Julia on April 15th what the numbers would like for the dinner. DL said his wife would donate a $180 flower package to the dinner this year and had found a guided preserve pheasant hunt for $400 (regularly $600) for 2 people for 1 day for 5 birds and that if there was interest he could help to orchestrate. There was interest from the group.

BY announced the next dinner committee would be at his house the next day at 7:00pm. He was also looking for some bigger items to auction and that April 1st would be the Early Bird Draw.

Youth Expo - JK was looking for volunteers to help out at the youth expo on April 21st and to setup on the Friday before. Help would be needed to man the display the starting at 10:00am at the Brookfield Arena. Hourly prizes this year would be hats and t-shirts.

Fisharama - JK said things will proceed as last year which means the event will be held on the May long weekend. JK said he would put in for the required fish permits.

Newsletter - JK asked for input for the next quarterly newsletter which he asked to have articles submitted to DB by April 2nd. Volunteers for entries were as follows: PM Dave Hardy; CN Hannah Fisher; DB Dinner; GR Flooding; PM youth fishing and Fish Friends; DB In For a Fin.

Treasurer's Report - For |February 2018

The Treasurer presented his February financial report

Chequing Savings Total
December 2017 $ $ $

Opening Balance 18231 57627 75858
Deposits - 1 1
Withdrawals (3754) - (3754)
Transfers (-) - --

Ending Balance 14477 57628 72105

Withdrawals - Wildflower - $1187
- Balance payroll.
- Additional $5000 and $50000 GIC's
Motion to accept treasurer's (D.B. /P.M.) passed unanimously.

Other new correspondence - Sillyboy expressed interest in CSA and would like to attend our meetings. She also wanted to find out how she could help out.

Next meeting - Tuesday, April 10th 2018.