Directors' Meeting

April 11th, 2018 7: 00 P.M. Room 262,
Cox Institute, Agr. Campus, Dalhousie Univ.

Attendance –
Chairman – Paul MacIsaac
Directors – Jamie Webb, Chris Nelson, Bill Yarn, Don Mattinson, Mike McAdam, Glenn Piercey, David Larder, Brent Ferris, Jim Hamilton, Rick _____, Brian Allen, Gary McMann, Garry Robar
Regrets – David Bauld

Agenda- Motion to amend agenda by GR to include discussion on Salmon virus in the province. Agenda approved (DL/CN).

Minutes – March minutes amended: correction of Dr. Harvey to Dr. Hardie and Dave Sampson to Doug Simpson. The pheasant hunt info needed correction as well to 5 birds each not between 2 people as was suggested. With corrections, minutes approved by motion (JW/BF).

Correspondence – PM updated on correspondence with Dr. Hardie. He informed Hardie that the CSA will sponsor his research by covering Maitland boat charter up to an amount of $2000 this season. Dr. Hardie was hoping for money for a summer student but is happy with the offer. PM said CSA can revisit the idea of sponsoring a summer student next year.

River Restoration – MM updated the group on his exchange with Amy Weston about putting on a display (using part of the CSA display) at the Superstore NSLC the weekend of April 27-28 for ~3hrs. MM also informed the group that $48k of funding for river work should be coming in (Adopt a Stream and HSP) and that around $33k went out in labour to the river crew last year for work done in Stewiacke. He stated that he has 3 workers this year but would like to hire an extra helper in case he gets short handed at a critical time. MM expects the helper will cost about $5000 for the season. MM stated he would bring the idea up again at the next meeting.

Newsletter – PM update group that DB was still looking for outstanding articles and to submit documents when ready.

AGM – PM informed the group that the keynote speaker for this year’s AGM was now unable to attend and so was looking for suggestions on someone else to invite. It was suggested that someone from the CABIN program might be a good fit and CN agreed to make inquiries to that end. A. Weston was also suggested by MM.

FOI Submission – GR brought up the issue of the scarcity of publically available information on the testing situation of provincial, aquaculture salmon operations. He asked for the CSA’s support in submitting an FOI to find out where the net pen systems now stand in terms of accountability on ISA and PRV testing and outbreaks. The group voted (motion by GR/BY) to support him in principle and GR said he would begin drafting a FOI and bring the request to the next meeting for final approval.

Fish Friends – PM has over 15 papers so far from students and is expecting more. CSA will pull 5 winners when the final papers are received with one winner from each of 5 schools and one from Millbrook. The deadline for submission is the end of April.

CSA Dinner – B.Y. was looking for all the outstanding gift certificates to compile the final list. He thought the attendance numbers were looking lower this year and was expecting a final count of 190 people. Last year 220 were in attendance. The next dinner meeting is to be at BY’s at 7:00pm Monday next.

Website – MM Brought the website up to date but asked due to the high volume of junk emails if the directors emails should be removed. PM suggested just leaving the CSA email available for correspondence but no final decisions were made as it was agreed that the issue would be revisited at the next meeting.

Youth Expo – JK was looking for volunteers to help out at the youth expo on April 21st and to setup on the Friday before. Help would be needed to man the display the starting at 10:00am at the Brookfield Arena. Hourly prizes this year would be hats and t-shirts. JW, CN Meika Matthews and JK had volunteered so far.

Fisharama — PM/ JK was looking to go ahead with radio give away for kids again this year as advertising for the event. The group by vote (JW/CN), agreed he should move ahead with the contest. The group was also asked for security volunteers for the night before the event.

Shad Derby – BY brought posters he had made up for the event for distribution for posting. GR, DM, MM and BF all took posters to put up in visible location. He also put out a call for volunteers for the event. Last year there were 25-30 fishers.

Other new correspondence –PM said he had correspondence from Andrea Kreamer on the Learn to Fish program which she is looking to hold on June 19-21st. She emailed to ask if the CSA knows of any other events going on at Kiwanis Pond on those days so there will be no conflicts. PM replied to say he thought the dates were clear and that he would pass on the email to anyone who had time and interest from the CSA to help out. Treasurer’s Report - For March 2018

The Treasurer presented his February financial report

Chequing Savings Total
March 2018 $ $ $

Opening Balance 14477 57628 72105
Deposits 1000 1 1001
Withdrawals (2845) - (2845)
Transfers (-) - --

Ending Balance 12632 57629 70261

Deposits – Ticket Money
Withdrawals – Chiller (1409) with balance payroll and misc
- Balance payroll.
- Additional $5000 and $50000 GIC’s
Motion to accept treasurer’s (CN /GR) passed unanimously.

Other new correspondence –

Next meeting - Tuesday, May 8th 2018.